Kurt Hutterli has a REvision

Oliver’s Kurt Hutterli, a 3-D artist specializing in found objects or recycled art, has had three pieces accepted into a juried art show titled “ReVision: The Art of Recycling” at Granville Island’s Creekhouse Gallery in Vancouver this July 8 – 17.

Hutterli is well-known among local artists for his whimsical works, whether as a solo artist or as a member of the collective RipOff Artists, who have their own studio demonstration and exhibit in Oliver this July.  Kurt recrafts rusted metal scraps, broken tools, and appliance parts into mythical archaeological artefacts. His designs are often deceptively simple, leaving much room for interpretation.  Using a question mark after many of his artwork titles, Hutterli invites viewers to decide for themselves what purpose a mysterious “artefact” once served.

At left is “Royal Insignia?”. Below is “A Twin Soul Catcher?”. At the bottom is “A Cosmic Sensor?” All three are entered into the Granville Island exhibit, competition, and sale.

Revision – the Art of Recycling held its first show in October 2007 to celebrate Canada-wide Waste Reduction Week and to provide a showcase for artists using recycled materials as a major component of their work. The Society continues to dedicate itself to advancing public awareness in issues of sustainability by featuring art of high quality by artists who embrace recycling in their creative process.

Revision at Creekhouse is a 10 day juried exhibit, sale, and festival featuring art made from recycled, salvaged, scrounged or found materials, be it useful, beautiful, odd, playful, or thought provoking. On the final two days of the show (July 16-17) additional artwork will be on view as well as a creation station and an interactive sound station by SWARM member Bill Wallace. On July 17th a wearable art fashion parade is scheduled for the afternoon.

Check out the ReVision website here:  Revision: What is Recycled Art and here:  ReVision Gallery

The Creekhouse complex is a popular, high profile venue that will be showcasing many large and small scale works in both an indoor and outdoor setting. During the month of July visitors to Granville Island are estimated to be 35,000 per day.

Can’t get to Vancouver? Prefer the sunny, relaxing Okanagan? See Kurt at work on the RipOff Artists’ “American Gothic” Challenge, July 4 – 9 at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, 34274 – 95th St,. Oliver, BC. Scroll down for full details!

Hutterli Creates Magical Works

Kurt Hutterli is an Oliver artist known for his whimsical three-dimensional installations created from found objects. His artwork brings smiles of delight, such as his light and breezy “Falling Leaves”  submission to the 2009 Fall Art Show and Sale and his reinterpretation of Lauren Harris’ Mount Lefroy as a rusted car hood. Now Hutterli has submitted a collection entitled “Three Objects Suggesting the Presence of Woodelves” to the Re-Vision juried show at the  Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver,  October 2 – 3. 

Is that just an antler stuck in a piece of wood? Or might it be an elf’s ear or hand or horn peeking out from behind a tree? Or a playful arrangement of objects left by some sprite to amaze or confuse a wayfarer in the woods?

Here is what the organizers of the Revision exhibit have to say:

“Revision – the art of recycling is a two day juried show featuring artwork made from recycled materials: anything reused, recycled, salvaged, scrounged or found – be it useful, beautiful, odd, playful, or thought provoking.

We hosted our first show in October 2007 to celebrate the Canada-wide Waste Reduction Week, and to provide a showcase for British Columbia artists using recycled materials as a major component in their work. We are dedicated to advancing public awareness in issues of sustainability by featuring art of high quality by artists who embrace recycling in their creative process. We hope you will come and enjoy the show.” (www.revision-theartofrecycling.com)

ReVision – the Art of Recycling
Granville Island Hotel,
1253 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC
Saturday & Sunday, October 2 & 3, 2010
11:00 am to 5:00 pm

 The Oliver Community Arts Council wishes Kurt the best at the ReVision exhibit. But your best chance to meet Hutterli is by attending the OCAC Fall Art Show and Sale in Oliver this weekend. See articles elsewhere in this website about the Fall Art Show and Sale!

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Want to see more of Kurt’s work? Take a look at The RipOffs Artists article in August 2010 on this website about their Lawren Harris “Mount LeFroy” multimedia exhibit. Scroll down to see photos, or search the archives list under “Hutterli” or “RipOff”. Good work, Kurt!

 Photo Credits: Kurt Hutterli (art) and Penelope Johnson (portrait)