Hitting the Jackpot

Recently, the Oliver Community Arts Council received an email from Katie Brennan a Vernon artist who edits OKnow, a blog listing arts events in the Okanagan Valley.  Here’s what Katie has to say about the purpose of her blog:

“OKnow has been created as a way to address the lack of a contemporary “art scene” in the Okanagan. There are vibrant and active individuals and arts organizations up and down the valley, each pursuing many interesting projects and initiatives. Despite all of this great work, it seems that much of it goes on largely unnoticed, operating in isolated pockets. It’s time for the Okanagan to look to and celebrates its own. We need not look to Vancouver and the lower mainland as the only source for an active contemporary art scene. We have lots of great artists, curators, writers, actors, musicians, film makers, dancers and performers working in our midst who are contributing to art on a local, national and international scale.

The aim of OKnow is to bring the isolated pockets together, to create a community that spans the length and breadth of the valley, across all artistic disciplines, to cover events like openings, lectures, readings, screenings, workshops, performances, opportunities to get involved and calls for submissions. ” 

The OCAC had added Brennan to their contact list, and now sends her regular news from our member businesses and groups. Here’s what Katie had to say upon receiving her first issue of  our “Arts E-News” and reading about our many Oliver events: 

Wow! Talk about hitting the jackpot! I had no idea  there was so much going on in the South Okanagan.”

Yes folks, the arts are many and vibrant south of Skaha Lake !

To check out Katie’s list of events in the Okanagan, visit http://oknowlist.blogspot.com/ Oliver’s arts events will be there!

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