Board Recommends Committee Restructuring for 2011

The Board of the Oliver Community Arts Council held an intensive meeting in November to review OCAC programmes and committees. In December, the Board finalized and approved recommendations for 2011. A similar review occurred in November 2009, and had been found a useful process for goalsetting. 

Some recommendations will enable the Board to divide their labour more fairly and effectively.  The OCAC president will oversee more administrative aspects of the council:  finance and fund raising, operations, membership, publicity, and nominating  committees. The treasurer and secretary along with up to three other members of the Board would ensure that committees be formed to fulfill these tasks.

The vice president, until now a role with few stated responsibilities, would oversee the programmes of the arts council. Up to five other Board members would ensure committees be formed for each program and report to the board.  Committees must be made up of a minimum of three OCAC members in order to function, and committee members are sought from within the whole arts council membership.  Interested and arts-positive volunteers from outside the OCAC are always welcome to participate. 

The following recommendations for committee structure were also approved by the Board:

1. Each Board member will be expected have an active role on either an administrative or program committee.

2. No Board member will be expected to have more than one committee responsibility.

3. After all Board members have a committee role, a Board member may choose a second active committee role.

4. The Board member has the option of either being the Chair or designating ( i.e. recruiting) the Chair of a committee.

5. The Board member is responsible for reporting from their committee at Board meetings.

6. A responsibility of the Vice President is to oversee the function of the Program Committees.

7. Board member roles on the OCAC Committees are determined at the first meeting of the Board following the Annual General Meeting each year.

The Board hopes that this division of labour will accomplish three goals: a fairer distribution of responsibility among Board members, a more active role for Vice President and non-executive board members, and more opportunities for succession on committees.

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