Call for Art Instructors

Call for Artistic Instructors!
Please share this message with arts group members and creative friends. Feel free to post the attached poster along with this message on social media.

Do you have a teachable artistic skill? Leading music, simple dance moves, sketching, zen doodling, theatre sports, painting, fibre or fabric arts, sculpting? Some simple project that can be taught in an hour-long class? An hour of dance, stretch, movement, theatre, or singing that you can lead?

The Desert Sun Counselling Centre is contracting art instructors to teach small groups of isolated seniors in Oliver and Osoyoos in their Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors (TAPS). Their goal is to help seniors who have been most impacted by COVID lockdowns to socialize and become more active. Classes will be held outdoors and in groups of no more than ten total, until health guidelines change.

The Oliver Community Arts Council is a proud sponsor of the TAPS program! We have been acting in an advisory capacity to help with the program’s rollout.

The TAPS program schedules art classes for an hour in the late morning from Monday – Thursday, for a total of four hours. Each group has a maximum of eight clients. The first round of TAPS classes begins in June and July, with a second and third phase of the program extending into the fall. See the attachment for the full schedule of TAPS activities.

Art instructors could be hired for one set of classes, or for repeated classes depending on interest, availability, and the variety of instruction offered.

Desert Sun will pay all art instructors $30/hr through a fee-for-service contract, and supply some mileage assistance if travelling between Oliver and Osoyoos. All instructors must complete a criminal record check, permitting them to work with vulnerable seniors. All instructors, staff and clients will abide by all health protocols. Instructors are responsible for reporting taxable income.

Complete the application form (download the PDF below):

You can also email OliverCAC @ or the TAPS program manager Bonnie Dancey at bonnie @ Completed applications go directly to Bonnie.

This is a terrific way to bring joy and companionship – as well as a sense of accomplishment and creativity – back into seniors’ lives.

Instructors need not be members of the arts council or any arts group, just able to teach something fun and artistic. Please pass this message far and wide to your creative friends in the visual and performance arts!

For more information, please contact either Bonnie Dancey at Desert Sun or the Oliver Community Arts Council.

Call for 100 x 100 graphic design

One Hundred X One Hundred (x̌cəcikst X x̌cəcikst) Project
Call for Logo Design Submissions

What is the One Hundred X One Hundred project?
The year 2021 marks 100 years of the Oliver community, a community formed on and shaped by the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, whose history stretches back 10,000 years.
The One Hundred X One Hundred (x̌cəcikst X x̌cəcikst) project provides an opportunity to explore our roots and share wisdom to build a stronger shared community, a deeper connection to the land, and to grow our future together for generations to follow.
The project Planning Committee, coordinated by the Oliver Parks and Recreation Society, is seeking submissions from local artists of all ages to assist in the development of the primary design/logo for all promotions throughout 2021 to create recognition and pride for the project.
We are looking for graphic designs that reflects the rich history of our community as a whole, acknowledges the land and water on which we live, work and play, and that inspires us to grow together.

What kind of artwork can I submit?
While the Committee will be promoting ways throughout 2021 to engage artists from all art categories, the immediate outcome is to develop a design or logo to brand the project for marketing purposes. This first opportunity is a call to local visual and graphic artists to submit original designs/concepts for consideration as the primary logo for the One Hundred X One Hundred project.
Key themes or words brought forward through community engagement to date include: the Okanagan River, the land, Sockeye Salmon, Bighorn Sheep, California Quail, agriculture, ranching, the Valley, desert grasslands, Nylintin (McIntyre Bluff), mountains, lakes, Ponderosa Pine, orchards, wineries, Sagebrush, Bitterroot, Saskatoon berry, the sun, dry hot climate.
Simple designs with few elements, strong lines and bold colours are recommended. Keep in mind the design needs to work in a small format, such as a poster logo or a badge. Designs that incorporate the text “100 x 100” or “One Hundred X One Hundred” are welcomed, but not required.

How and where do I submit my artwork?
Starting January 11th, 2020, you can submit designs/art by mail, electronically via email or social media, or drop it off in person. In all cases, please ensure you include contact information including name, email address and phone number for follow up by the Committee. Please submit your artwork between Monday January 11 and Friday, February 5th to be considered as the primary design for the project.

One Hundred X One Hundred Committee
c/o Oliver Parks and Recreation
PO Box 627, Oliver BC V0H 1T0
info @ (Please indicate “100X100 Project Logo Design” in the subject line)
Administration Office (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm)
6359 Park Drive in the Community Centre complex
Phone 250-498-4985

What will happen to my artwork once submitted?
Once submitted designs for the project have been received, artists will be contacted to complete an entry form providing consent for the work to a) become the property of the One Hundred X One Hundred Committee and b) shared publicly within and beyond the community for project purposes and to be archived.
The Committee will reserve the right to choose which design to use for project purposes, may use submissions in part or in whole, and concepts may be digitized and/or re-worked for meet the needs of the project. Not all artwork received by the committee will be used for the project.
The artist/s whose work is chosen by the committee to be used as the project design/logo will be acknowledged in the media and future promotions and receive a $250.00 honorarium and framed copy of the final design.

RETRO-spective celebrates our 50th

Oliver’s arts council is going “retro” to celebrate its 50th anniversary and kicks off the occasion with a fun contest called “RETRO-spective”, awarding prizes at summer’s end.

On June 24, 1970, the Oliver Community Arts Council was incorporated as a BC society, and has been “running” ever since, just like its quirky quail logo. The council represents all visual and performing arts: dance, theatre, choirs, instrumental groups, mixed media, textile and fibre arts groups, graphic design, painters, photographers, and culinary arts. The council produces several events each year: the Fall Art Show & Sale, Music in the Park, Holly Jolly Oliver, Showcase of Talent, CreateAbility, and the Wine Capital Art Walk. The council includes twenty member groups, fifteen member businesses and roughly eighty individual members.

The council invites the public to submit their favourite memories of the Oliver arts scene any time from the last 50 years. Entries can take the form of funny anecdotes, sentimental stories, old photos, or memorabilia from an arts event. Submissions can also be fresh creations: a collage, commemorative poem or song, celebratory dance, sculpture or painting. Entries are accepted from the general public, whether audience members, artists, performers, arts event organizers, or volunteers, whether last year or last century.  

All ages and skill levels, both locals and non-locals, arts council members and non-members are welcome to enter. Now is the time to dig out the old photo album or box of souvenirs, recall your favourite memories, or simply to reflect on what Oliver’s arts scene means to you. Perhaps Agnes Sutherland taught you piano in the 70s, or you performed in a musical on the old Venables stage. Maybe you strolled through a Summer Studio exhibit in the CPR station in the 90s, took an art class, won an award at the Fall Art Show or rocked out last summer at a concert in the park.  

Submit entries by email, attached as a photo, document, or video. Send to OliverCAC @ with the subject line “RETRO-spective”. For more information, call 250-498-0183. RETRO-spective runs from June 24 to August 24. A committee will select three winners, each receiving their choice of $50 gift certificate from one of the arts council’s many member groups and businesses.

Fall Art Show postponed to 2021

The Oliver Community Arts Council regrets to announce the cancellation of its 37th annual Fall Art Show and Sale which was set for October 3 – 4, 2020.  For the last 14 years, this large multimedia art show has appeared in the same venue and on the same weekend as Cask and Keg (Saturday) and the Festival of the Grape (Sunday). Both these Oliver Tourism events were cancelled in mid-June.

While the Fall Art Show and Sale (FASS) ran for more than two decades independently, it would be very difficult to maintain the distancing and sanitization necessary to mount this flagship event in a comparable format. The FASS requires 300 person-hours just during the one-day set-up and two-day show, with large crews working closely together to move display materials and furnishings, receive and return artwork, display the art, and providing services during the show. Maintaining distance between visitors viewing artwork poses many challenges, as would sanitizing between visits. Extending the length of the show to allow a prolonged set-up and public viewing in smaller numbers would increase expenses, especially rental; and the lack of other drivers that draw audiences would seriously compromise revenue.  We are also aware that many participants and volunteers fall into a high-risk category for COVID-19.

The arts council is rescheduling the Fall Art Show and Sale for Saturday October 2 and Sunday October 3rd in 2021, in conjunction with the Fall Festival weekend. The theme of the show will remain the same as planned for this year: “Seasons of Life”. Any artwork already begun or considered for this year using that theme will be welcomed next year. As is usual, art with other subject matter will also be accepted. Updated entry forms for 2021 will be made available by the fall. Click the hyperlink or email us for your form. We look forward to displaying beautiful artwork next year!

In the meantime, arts council members are warmly encouraged to share photos and video of any ongoing art projects by emailing them to us. We would be happy to share them on our website, Facebook page, and newsletter.

SO Concert Society cancels 2020-21 season

The executive of the South Okanagan Concert Society met June 15th and is sad to announce that the concert season for 2020/2021 is cancelled as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. A variety of conditions forced this decision.

First, musicians already booked to come from Quebec and points East simply cannot know whether travel will be possible or not. Their concerts in B.C. are only financially viable with pre-arranged tours because of the high expense involved in travel. The uncertainty has led agents to reluctantly propose postponing for the following season.

The SOCS executive looked at the possibility of trying to book only B.C. musicians. A number of considerations, should this be possible, still stood in the way. The small numbers allowed to gather for performances providing sufficient distancing make it impossible to cover the costs. “We are not prepared to sacrifice the quality of our performances,” said SOCS President Janet Marcotte (pictured onstage at right). That would likely happen if much reduced artist fees had to be part of the budget requirements.

Other considerations also came into play. With only a small number spread throughout the concert hall it would greatly affect the atmosphere of those who did attend. The regular patrons love the strong sense of community, the meeting with friends, the conviviality around the concerts and not just the performance. Providing this atmosphere has been a big part of the SOCS mission and success.

The possibility of doing 2 concerts in one evening to bring more regular patrons in and also increase income would involve a huge amount of fast cleaning between concerts by extra paid staff, no receptions and no mingling with friends in the lobby.

Live streaming was also considered as a possible solution. Again, the executive spoke to the needs of our patrons. Most are passionate for top quality LIVE music and many are of an age where live streaming has little appeal. The age factor also means our patrons are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

Although the Venables Theatre staff have literally bent over backwards to try and accommodate the SOCS needs and their efforts are much appreciated, the SOCS executive reluctantly decided to cancel the concert season. As Covid19 conditions change, all efforts will go into planning for another concert season in the future and a possible lone concert or two in the new year.

The AGM of the South Okanagan Concert Society will take place at 10:30 am Wednesday, July 8th, at Venables Theatre. All members welcome.

Submitted by Marion Boyd

Music in the Park 2020 cancelled

The Oliver Community Arts Council announces that the Music in the Park 2020 concert series is cancelled. In light of the BC government’s continued restrictions on public gatherings of over 50 participants, including large festivals, we believe this is the safest and most prudent course of action. Also, we are mindful of the added risks posed to our volunteers and musical performers who would be unable to adhere to physical distancing and other health protocols in bringing you this series. 

We encourage our faithful audiences to visit and follow musicians online. Consider applying your usual concert donation to supporting the performers we had anticipated booking in 2020, by ordering and downloading their music online or liking and following them on social media.  

Ben Klick   or Ben Klick Facebook    

Cod Gone Wild  or Cod Gone Wild Facebook

Sabrina and Mike were slated to make a return engagement in July.

Sabrina Weeks & Mike Hilliard   or  Sabrina Weeks Facebook

Rollin’ Coal Trio 

Rob ‘n’ Walker  or Rob ‘n’ Walker YouTube Channel

The BluesHounds   or The BluesHounds Facebook

13 Broken Bones  or 13 Broken Bones Facebook  

South Okanagan Big Band

If livestreaming concerts becomes available via social media, we will keep you posted on our Facebook page: @oliverartscouncil

We look forward to a time when we will be able to gather and celebrate live music once more. Thank you for your ongoing support of the arts. Please continue to be mindful of the BC health protocols this summer so that we see all of you at the next concert series!

Quail-antine Challenge invites art

Art challenge awards prizes to those in “Quail-antine”

Oliver’s arts council encourages locals to self-isolate with a creative project called the “Quail-antine” Challenge. The council will award prizes to visual art entries of any medium and skill level, as long as those entries are placed in an area visible to the public. The idea is inspired by the arts council’s logo (a quail) and the springtime behaviour of Oliver’s famous bird.

In springtime, quail practice “quail-antine”. Usually found in large flocks, quail start to pair off, and isolate themselves for nesting time. The arts council encourages local residents to be like the quail: Make a cozy place for a “nest”. Find a buddy to bring you supplies and run errands and check on you if you need it. Make lots of “noise” by phone, email, video so others can hear you even if they aren’t with you. Ka-kawkaw!  Then get busy creating something new, whether picking up a neglected art project or a book or a dusty musical instrument, taking an online class, starting a journal, making a video or taking artistic macro shots of household objects. In other words, “hatch” a few creative “eggs”!  Just because you’re in “Quail-antine” doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your creativity!

The Quail-antine Challenge asks locals to create a quail. One option is to colour the Quail-antine colouring page and post it in a window or door facing the public, or waterproof it and stake it in your front yard so others can see it. For those seeking more of an artistic challenge, create a quail sculpture out of found objects like stones, cutlery, garden implements, or recycled materials. Use up leftover craft supplies like feathers and glitter. Felting, sewing, photographing or painting quail are all welcome. No age or ability restrictions.    

Colouring pages are available here or by emailing OliverCAC @ Two colouring pages are available, a simple one for beginners is here:

and one slightly more challenging is here:

To enter for a chance at a prize, take a photo of your artwork showing that it is in a location on your property where the public can view it. Email the photo of your artwork to OliverCAC @ with the subject line “I’m Quail-antining!” Feel free to share the story behind your artwork. Enter your finished creation before May 30 to be included.

Prizes will be awarded on May 30 for three $50 gift certificates to one of the arts council’s many business or group members. Each winner may choose from among participating businesses or groups — tickets to a concert or play, food and beverages, arts workshops, health services, and more.  A complete list of those 30-plus members is on the right-hand column.  Gift certificates will be good for one year, expiring in June 2021, to use when life returns to normal.

Show your creativity and solidarity as we all quail-antine!

CANCELLED: Birthday Present to Myself

Acclaimed Nelson dancer-choreographer-storyteller, Hiromoto Ida has now CANCELLED his latest piece, Birthday Present for Myself ​on April 3rd at the Venables Theatre.

Inspired by the subtlety and simplicity of Japanese Noh Theatre through western contemporary dance and music, Hiromoto aims to touch the hearts of audiences; to explore a shared moment through the inner world and emotions of the old man, with the hope that they will be inspired to find unexpected beauty in their own lives.

“I see western culture giving messages of aging and getting old as being a negative element of one’s life” Hiromoto observes. “I grew up with both my grandfather and grandmother in my home. Even when I was small, I could feel something special about them.” By touching on themes of love, transformation and regeneration, Hiromoto hopes the audience will gain a new perspective on aging and the last chapter of their lives.

In addition to dance and theatre, Ida is an accomplished screen actor. His first film debut in 1994, as the lead in the movie Tokyo Cowboy, won the People’s Choice Award at Vancouver International Film Festival.

Ida skillfully merges dance, theatre, classical music and voice to tell the story of an old man, raising a glass of sake to himself in celebration, on what will be his last birthday. Birthday moves beyond ideas of grief and sadness into a deeper awareness of the stages of life and the inevitability of death.

This exceptional performance was to have taken place Friday April 3rd at the Venables Theatre (6100 Gala Street, Oliver) is now CANCELLED. For more information visit

Birthday Present for Myself is presented by the Venables Theatre with the support of the Community Presenters Assistance program (of the BC Arts Council and BC Touring Council) as well as The Coast Oliver Hotel.

Fire up your brains

You asked, and you got it, folks! The Firehall Brewery is firing up one more Trivia season before the busy summertime hits. The next 6-week spring season edition kicks off Saturday, March 21st! Hosts Veronica and Ryan will be leading another run, riding the crazy Trivia train!

As per usual, there’ll be weekly prizes, weekly themes with hints dropped in advance on social media, and a Trivia Trophy for the season’s winning team to have their name inscribed onto. Teams can be a max of four people, though feel free to come on your own to play solo or join other stragglers. See you on Saturday, March 21st!

Firehall Brewery, 6077 Main Street, Oliver (downstairs, lower level)

(778) 439-2337
info @

Reception with art and wine

The Okanagan Art Gallery celebrates MASTERS OF THE OKANAGAN with its First Friday monthly reception, March 6th from 5 – 7 p.m. The show opens at the Okanagan Art Gallery #5 8302 Main Street, Osoyoos BC. The show will feature three of the OAG’s professional artists, Mike Jordan, Larry Hunter and Anne-Marie Harvey. They will be featuring works done in both oil and acrylic.

This March’s Alive after Five First Friday will feature wine presented by Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery. What better way to celebrate Spring. For information, call 604 308-3995. Or you can go to our website at

“God” has something funny to tell you

Pastel power suit? Check. Pince-nez? Check. Scottish accent? Check. The Lord is in the building.

Canadian comedian Mike Delamont entertains in his one-man show, God is a Scottish Drag Queen. As the Almighty, he shares God’s trade secrets and pokes gentle fun at humankind’s follies. God is the comedian, not the punchline. Come and hear why God has a soft spot for monkeys, apologizes for creating redheads, and shakes his head over circumcision, Justin Bieber, tacky religious theme parks, and Scientology. In Delamont’s show, God is the comedian, not the punchline.

What elevates the comedy is Delamont’s marvelous delivery. He combines the wacky exuberance of Dame Edna and the razor-sharp wit of Eddie Izzard. With glasses perched on the end of his nose, and the commanding presence and accent of Scottish funnyman Billy Connolly, Delamont’s Deity is feisty, candid, and endearing. Such is his divine comedic power that in only minutes you forget you’re watching an ungainly frump of a man in an ugly dress. Decidedly irreverent but not sacrilegious, this is damned funny stuff.

Delamont’s divine talent has been recognized with 22 “Best of the Fest” awards and 3 Canadian Comedy Award nominations for his Adam’s-rib-tickling hilarious shows that have sold out major theatres from coast to coast. Victoria’s Mike Delamont is easily one of the fastest-rising standup comedians in Canada.

God is a Scottish Drag Queen opens at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday March 14 at the Venables Theatre (6100 Gala Street, Oliver). Tickets are $30. For more information visit

God is a Scottish Drag Queen is presented by Venables Theatre with the support of the Community Presenters Assistance program (of the BC Arts Council and BC Touring Council) as well as The Coast Oliver Hotel.

Crush Cabin Fever with board games

Cold weather and quiet evenings getting you down? Crush your cabin fever by joining us at the Oliver Museum for a board games night for grown-ups!

On Wednesday March 11th from 6 – 8 pm, bring your friends and head to the museum’s galleries to play, chat, and escape from those winter blues. Play our varied selection of board games or bring your own! Warm drinks and snacks will be provided, and gamers will also have the chance to explore our exhibits after hours. RSVP at the Oliver and District Heritage Society’s Facebook page by March 11th to attend. So, come out, test your luck, and game your winter doldrums away!

Montreal Guitar Trio & earlybirds

What a way to end the season!  The Montreal Guitar Trio, described by the CBC as the hottest guitar ensemble in Canada, will be performing Friday, March 20th at 7:30 pm at Venables Theatre, Oliver.   Presented by the South Okanagan Concert Society,  this Trio is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and judging by previous performances  a full house is anticipated.

Get your tickets quickly on line at or contact the theatre box office Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10 to 3 pm at 250-498-1626.  Supported by generous sponsors, tickets are exceptionally affordable.  Two or more tickets in advance are only $21/ticket.  Single Tickets in advance are $23 and at the door if there are any left, $25.  Youth are ‘almost free’ at $2.50 so young people have opportunity to experience really fine live music locally. 

The Montreal Guitar Trio is a “force to be reckoned with”.  For over 20 years, the trio’s virtuosity, rigour, creativity and impressive stage presence has won converts all over the world.   Humour and interacting with the audience go hand in hand with this group in hundreds of concerts in prestigious venues across North America,  Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

The trio is composed of guitarists, Sebastien Dufour, Glenn Levesque and Marc Morin performing on Bruno Boutin guitars.   They first met as classical music students at the University of Montreal.  This year they are marking the 20th anniversary of their first live concert.   That conservatory background hasn’t stopped them from tackling flamenco and tango, nuances of Indian and Arabic music, hits from Queen and Rush or even Emio Marricone’s music for spaghetti westerns! As a trio, they have released six albums and won an Opus award for concert of the year in the Jazz & World Music category.  In January 2017 the trio launched its 7th album “Danzas” in Montreal.  It pays tribute to the great composers of Spanish music such as Paco de Lucia and Manuel de Falla.

Even more interesting, is the sextet that has emerged when the Montreal Guitar Trio combined with the California Guitar Trio some ten years ago.  Now each group performs as individual trios but approximately half their gigs are as a sextet together.   This has invigorated both groups and speeds past classical oriented guitar acts to embrace a wider contemporary repertoire and unexpected approaches.  A new album “In a New Landscape” was created together and has recently been released.

You can expect an exceptional concert when you arrive at the Venables Theatre March 20th.  Don’t forget next year’s SOCS series will be revealed and early bird tickets available for sale in the theatre foyer.