Oliver Sagebrushers Set to "Paint the Town"

Arts council member group, the Oliver Sagebrushers, is working with Town contractor Laurena Weninger to help spruce up Oliver’s downtown. Weninger was hired by the Town of Oliver to help businesses improve their appearance and marketing strategies.  One of her objectives is to help businesses make use of  $50,000 remaining in  “Paint the Town” grant money.

The Oliver Sagebrushers have been brought on board to paint a series of moveable art panels which can be hung in any vacant store windows along Main Street. This will ease the transition when storefronts are temporarily closed, and help those store windows gain sidewalk appeal. The fine art group hopes this will also increase morale of neighbouring businesses who may fear loss of customer traffic when other businesses close.  By beautifying the window space,  Main Street will retain curbside appeal year round.

The advantage of the project is the decorative art panels can be “recycled” as businesses open and close.  As new temporary window dressing is needed, panels can be moved and rehung.

Comments? More information about this project? Want to get involved? Contact olivercac@gmail.com and we’ll connect you with the Oliver Sagebrushers.