OCAC Board Minutes – April 2009




Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Handworks Gallery



Present: Esther Brown (President), Stephanie Salsnek (Vice President/ FCA Liaison), Jack Bennest (Treasurer/FOTOL Liaison), Penelope Johnson (Secretary/SOCS Liaison), Linda Blaschuk (Rotary Auction, Oliver Arts and Crafts Sale Liaison), Heather Fink (Finance Committee, Sage Valley Voices Liaison), Sally Franks (Rentals, Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Liaison), Brian Mapplebeck (Country Market A-Fair Liaison), Jennifer Mapplebeck (SOAP Liaison), Penny Ruddy (Finance Committee, Double O Quilters Liaison), Steve Staresina (Operations, Oliver Sagebrushers Liaison)

 Regrets: Jan Kreut (Member Group Publicity)

 1. CALL TO ORDER: E. Brown called the meeting to order at 5;35 p.m.


MOTION: That the agenda for the Board meeting of April 15, 2009 be adopted as written.

Moved: S. Staresina Seconded: H. Fink Carried


(a) March 2009:

MOTION: That the minutes of the Board meeting on March 18, 2009 be adopted as written.

Moved: H. Fink Seconded: P. Ruddy Carried

 (b) Annual General Meeting 2008:

Roberts Rules recommend that AGM minutes be adopted by committee before waiting a year to adopt at the following AGM.

MOTION: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting on Monday October 20, 2008 be adopted as written.

Moved: P. Ruddy Seconded: S. Salsnek Carried

In following years, the AGM minutes shall be adopted promptly at the first meeting of the Board.


(a) Correspondence Requiring a Response

ACTION: P. Johnson shall write a letter of thanks to ODCEDS for their $400 contribution to the Van Dop Guide on the OCAC’s behalf.

ACTION: P. Johnson shall write a letter of thanks to the Kiwanis Club for their $400 donation to Showcase of Talent.

ACTION: P. Johnson shall write a letter of thanks to the Rotary Club for their donation of $5000 from the Rotary Auction proceeds.

ACTION: E. Brown shall write a letter to Terry Irvine in response to her concerns about the appearance and rental of the Quail’s Nest.


(a) Financial Statement

Monies received: $7219 (BCAC), $3500 (Oliver Parks and Recreation), $5000 (BCAC bonus), and $5000 (Rotary Auction donation)

MOTION: That the Treasurer’s report dated March 31, 2009 be approved and further that the actions taken by the Treasurer on behalf of the Society be authorized and the bills be paid.

Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: L. Blaschuk Carried

 ACTION: J. Bennest will check with Terasen re: installing a remote control receiver.

 (b) Motions to Restrict Funding

MOTION: That the restricted Building Fund be increased to $15,000 and that the BC Arts Council be notified of this update to the motion of the August 2008 Board meeting.

Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: S. Franks Carried.

 MOTION: That a restricted fund of $1000 be established for an SOSS Scholarship/Bursary fund.

Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: P. Ruddy Carried.

 (c) Gaming Commission Funds:

Residual amounts in the Gaming Commission Account total approximately $700. The Commission has authorized the OCAC to spend the money following the criteria laid out for the original funding applications.

MOTION: That the residual balance in the Gaming Account be transferred to the general operating account, and that it be applied towards the eligible costs under Performance and Summer Studio programming.

Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: H. Fink Carried.

 DAP Grant Application: see #7 a) Finance Committee

(a) TONAC Meeting Report

Reports from those attending TONAC (Thompson-Okanagan Network of Arts Councils)will be emailed to the Board for their information. The meeting stressed the need for arts councils to form partnerships within the public and private sectors.

 (b) Board Retreat:

The Board reviewed priorities for strategic goals in preparation for the April retreat with Beth Garrish. Most focussed on the development of the Quail;’s Nest property.

April Retreat: Wednesday April 29, 5:00 p.m. at Steve Staresina’s home.

ACTION: S. Staresina will email directions to his house and will purchase the lasagna.



(a) Finance Committee: Heather Fink and Stephanie Salsnek are stepping down from the Finance Committee. Penny Ruddy will remain and is joined by new members Steve Staresina and Brian Mapplebeck. The agenda for the next meeting will be to complete the DAP grant application form and to develop some terms of reference for the committee.

 (b) Fund Raising:

MOTION: That the OCAC write a letter to the Rotary Club of Oliver defining the priorities of the partnership prior to accepting their invitation to participate in the preparation and proceeds of the 2010 Rotary Auction.

Moved: S. Franks Seconded: L. Blaschuk Carried

 Discussion of new fund raiser tabled until May 2009.

 (c) Operations:

MOTION: That the OCAC purchase three electronic pest barrier devices.

Moved: P. Johnson Seconded: J. Mapplebeck Carried

 Steve Staresina presented a report on repairs to the Studio building, as per strategic goals, including the roof repairs, kitchen renovations, flooring, and landscaping.

ACTION: S. Staresina, E. Brown, S. Franks and either P. Johnson or J. Mapplebeck from SOAP will be on the committee to review priorities for (small capital) building renovations.

 (d) Publicity:

i) E-News Publicity:
POLICY: The Publicity committee recommended that as is currently done for the Creative Minds newsletter, the priority of arts news shall be : 1. OCAC Business, 2. OCAC Programmes, 3. Member Group News, 4. News from Individual and Business members, and then 5. General Arts news at the discretion of the editor/secretary. E-News length shall be restricted to two letter-size pages (one side) per month, as an aid to prioritizing news items.
ii) Van Dop Guide
ODECEDS has paid for a page of advertising in the glossy Van Dop BC Arts and Culture Guide. One sixth of the page (worth $400) is devoted to the OCAC.
iii) Website:
J. Bennest, with the help of web technicians, has moved the existing domain to a new hosting, installed Wordpress blog software, imported the blog template, and set up an independent joint email account for the OCAC (olivercac@gmail.com) All registrations, passwords, and account names will be in the name of the OCAC. The website is still www.oliverartscouncil.org
J. Bennest and P Johnson have written articles for the blog and begun the process of organizing the site.
MOTION: That the OCAC authorize the payment of $200 to Jack Bennest for recent changes to the hosting of the OCAC website / blog.
Moved: S. Salsnek Seconded: J. Mapplebeck Carried

 (e) Arts and Culture Week (April 19-25): Poster and programme listing for the week was distributed.

 (f) Showcase of Talent: The Kiwanis Club has donated $400 to the Showcase of talent. It will be held during Arts and Culture Week.


(a) Conferences and Meetings:

i) SOSS User Groups Meeting Report: P Johnson reported that funding has recently become available to save the south wing of the high school. The representative from Bevanda Architecture, and professional theatre consultant were in attendance and reviewed the priorities for renovation to the auditorium and adjacent spaces. The front lobby is deemed of historical value and will not be renovated, making access to / egress from the balcony sub-standard and use of the balcony unlikely. The high school drama teacher recommended that the fine arts lab be moved from the stage area to the rehearsal hall (current library area). The theatre consultant strongly advocated for an independent House Manager to be responsible for bookings and access and a House Technician to maintain and supervise all technical equipment. The renovations (school, auditorium and south wing concurrently) will likely proceed in July 2010 and be completed in the fall of 2011.

 ii) Assembly of BC Arts Councils Conference (May 1-3) Kelowna:

ACTION: P. Johnson will email information to the membership and ask members to RSVP their attendance at the BC Arts Councils Conference.


(a) Dates: Arts Jam Monday April 27 9:30 a.m. QNAC

Board Retreat Wednesday April 29 5:00 p.m. Staresina Home

Board Meeting Wednesday May 20 5:30 p.m. QNAC

Arts Jam Monday May 25 9:30 a.m. QNAC

 ACTION: S. Salsnek will email P. Johnson the programme for the April Arts Jam.


MOTION: That the meeting be adjourned, at 8:25 p.m.

Moved: E. Brown Carried.