Local support acknowledged in receiving BCAC Grant

Unlike the picture, there are no easy pickin’ “money trees” in the arts. That’s why the arts council is thrilled to announce that it has received news from its governing body, the BC Arts Council, that the council has been awarded an annual operating grant of $7000.

The sum includes three parcels:

$1500 Basic Assistance, from a formula calculated by the BC Arts Council based on population size and distance from the Lower Mainland.  All arts councils who apply receive a basic assistance amount.  

* $3500 Local Government Matching Grant, determined by the amount of funding received from local government. The OCAC is grateful to Oliver Parks and Recreation Society and the Town of Oliver for their financial support. 

* $2000 Annual Performance Award.  This is the first time the Oliver Community Arts Council has received this award. The council was required to submit an essay demonstrating artistic acheivement, community engagement (e.g. community partnerships), organizational management, innovation, and sustainability.

The BC Arts Council grant will be applied to operating costs – all the basic necessities that keep the arts council functioning, such as heat and light, office and organizational materials, telephone service, publicity, and so on. While these costs may sound mundane, it is funding that is desperately needed.

Imagine an artist trying to create a new work, but only supplied with colourful acrylic paint, or pottery glaze, or vibrant yarn. It may look pretty but without the proper tools (canvas, clay, or a loom) no art can be created. 

So too with grant funds. The vast majority of arts grants available are designated only for programming (concerts, exhibits, educational classes, workshops, etc). That’s the “colour”.   Those grants do not cover operating costs. That’s the canvas, clay, or loom – the backbone or armature of the organization.  An arts council cannot provide vibrant programmes without  being assured it will cover its operational expenditures.

The arts council thanks its many community supporters and partners, whose co-operation has contributed to our receiving this funding package.  Check out our member groups, businesses, and blogroll for just a taste of who our supporters are!