Let Inspiration find you this February

February Inspiration with Terry

by Terry Irvine

I invite  you to join the Art-a-Day Movement this February. Let inspiration find you working!

Welcome to an epic artistic journey! For the month of February, we commit to doing something creative every day. We must have something to show for it at the end of each day, so take photos, keep a journal, or start a topic in our private Progress Forums at


You may want to update daily, or do a weekly update. Some artists will do a project every day. Others may do a portion of a larger project. How much you undertake each day is entirely up to you, but there must be a concrete, visible result every day. Creating a model or drawing a plan is a visible, tangible result. Planning, researching or describing your ideas are not. The idea is to do some work every day, so inspiration can find you!

Invited artists can join the Progress forums. You can upload photos when you post. If youʼre inspired to take part, please email or phone Terry Irvine at:

noirdeewe @ gmail.com or 250-498-4156.

Itʼs fun!!!!!!!!!!