Handbell Ringers Open First Concert Series show

As if the talents of duelling pianists Matt Herskowitz and John Roney were not enough, pre-show entertainment for the first show of the South Okanagan Concert Society’s 2017-18 series will be provided by our own Oliver Handbell Ringers in the lobby of the Venables Theatre.

The Bell Ringers will be performing prior to the 7:30 pm start of the SOCS first concert of the season,”Piano Chameleons: Classics with a Jazzy Touch”, on Friday, November 10th. The Bell Ringers will entertain from 6:45 to 7:15 in the Theatre foyer.  Come early and enjoy!

Tickets for this crowd pleasing event can be obtained online www.venablestheatre.ca or at the theatre box office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 and 3 pm.  All four concerts of the season, bought in advance, cost $19 each.  Any 2 or 3 tickets in advance are $21/ticket.   A single ticket in advance is $23 and a single ticket at the door is $25.   Children and Youth can come and explore their wide ranging tastes and interests for only $2.50!

Back row L to R: Julie Thorp, Rosemary Pritchard, Patricia Landry, Shana Cachola, Nicole Thorp, Ginette Aubin   Front row L to R: Helen Wollf, Ruth Knippelberg, Devin Riley, Jorden Harty, Liam Riley.       There is one missing ringer,  Sue Gay.