Call for 100 x 100 graphic design

One Hundred X One Hundred (x̌cəcikst X x̌cəcikst) Project
Call for Logo Design Submissions

What is the One Hundred X One Hundred project?
The year 2021 marks 100 years of the Oliver community, a community formed on and shaped by the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, whose history stretches back 10,000 years.
The One Hundred X One Hundred (x̌cəcikst X x̌cəcikst) project provides an opportunity to explore our roots and share wisdom to build a stronger shared community, a deeper connection to the land, and to grow our future together for generations to follow.
The project Planning Committee, coordinated by the Oliver Parks and Recreation Society, is seeking submissions from local artists of all ages to assist in the development of the primary design/logo for all promotions throughout 2021 to create recognition and pride for the project.
We are looking for graphic designs that reflects the rich history of our community as a whole, acknowledges the land and water on which we live, work and play, and that inspires us to grow together.

What kind of artwork can I submit?
While the Committee will be promoting ways throughout 2021 to engage artists from all art categories, the immediate outcome is to develop a design or logo to brand the project for marketing purposes. This first opportunity is a call to local visual and graphic artists to submit original designs/concepts for consideration as the primary logo for the One Hundred X One Hundred project.
Key themes or words brought forward through community engagement to date include: the Okanagan River, the land, Sockeye Salmon, Bighorn Sheep, California Quail, agriculture, ranching, the Valley, desert grasslands, Nylintin (McIntyre Bluff), mountains, lakes, Ponderosa Pine, orchards, wineries, Sagebrush, Bitterroot, Saskatoon berry, the sun, dry hot climate.
Simple designs with few elements, strong lines and bold colours are recommended. Keep in mind the design needs to work in a small format, such as a poster logo or a badge. Designs that incorporate the text “100 x 100” or “One Hundred X One Hundred” are welcomed, but not required.

How and where do I submit my artwork?
Starting January 11th, 2020, you can submit designs/art by mail, electronically via email or social media, or drop it off in person. In all cases, please ensure you include contact information including name, email address and phone number for follow up by the Committee. Please submit your artwork between Monday January 11 and Friday, February 5th to be considered as the primary design for the project.

One Hundred X One Hundred Committee
c/o Oliver Parks and Recreation
PO Box 627, Oliver BC V0H 1T0
info @ (Please indicate “100X100 Project Logo Design” in the subject line)
Administration Office (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm)
6359 Park Drive in the Community Centre complex
Phone 250-498-4985

What will happen to my artwork once submitted?
Once submitted designs for the project have been received, artists will be contacted to complete an entry form providing consent for the work to a) become the property of the One Hundred X One Hundred Committee and b) shared publicly within and beyond the community for project purposes and to be archived.
The Committee will reserve the right to choose which design to use for project purposes, may use submissions in part or in whole, and concepts may be digitized and/or re-worked for meet the needs of the project. Not all artwork received by the committee will be used for the project.
The artist/s whose work is chosen by the committee to be used as the project design/logo will be acknowledged in the media and future promotions and receive a $250.00 honorarium and framed copy of the final design.