Artists welcome at Roots & Fruits 2016

rootsby Leann Parrent

Oliver Tourism Board is going to be starting an annual event primarily as their main fundraiser.  The event has been named Roots and Fruits Faire.

The first event will be in August 2016.  They want to promote our heritage, culture, agriculture, and viticulture .  They have asked me to be the representative for Oliver’s art community. They are inviting all local artists to participate at the Faire.  Our participation  can be live demonstration of craft, displays, or sales of products. The window is wide open for opportunity for your group to reach many locals and visitors.

As an example, the Oliver Sagebrushers art club plans to be a demonstrating their artwork at the event. We will have a display table draped with bounty of the season in the centre. We will surround it with working  covered tables, with four artists N/S/E/W painting in different media their view of the still life display. Between the artists there will be work tables laden with supplies for faire goers to try their hand. We hope to have local art for sales also as this will be great opportunity for sales.

Please feel  free to discuss this with your respective groups and if you would like to participate please contact Leann Parrent c/o olivercac @