Are you a Master of Trivia?

Trivia 1Masters of Trivia Returns

submitted by David Badger

The Masters of Trivia returns to Oliver on Friday, February 27th at 7:00 p.m. This is the Premier League Tournament. At our last great battle we saw The Mighty Pixels have their supremacy challenged and actually tied ( you know, the dead heat thing) by the upstart, yet laden with gobs of useless information, team of John Won’t Care. These two teams of snobbists don’t regard any other challengers with any respect nonetheless, we can fit in 8-10 more teams of hopeful trivialists and their dreams of glory.

Team Trivia a la pub quiz style. It’s Trivial Pursuit minus the board, dice and those little wedgie things. The battle is for the coveted Einstein Cup that is now being claimed in an an ego tug-of-war by the aforementioned two premier league teams.

The Mighty Pixels are down a player and scrambling for help (Ronaldo has been contacted) while John Won’t Care has added French Diva Helene who apparently knows way too much stuff no one cares about. There’s a twelve team/table max and teams consist of 3 to 5 players each. You can register as a team or come alone and be put with other players to form a team.

The questions are general knowledge and roam around the categories of the mind at will. It’s a great way to spend a night of interactive fun. We will see you on February 27th when the front doors and the big minds open.

Register early. $5 per head. See you at Medici’s at 522 Fairview Rd. in Oliver. 250-498-2228…and by the way, who did the best cover of Bob Dylan’s It Ain’t Me Babe????….huh?.

UPDATE: The Premier League Tournament of the Masters is coming in a week and a half if…if…if…we have enough committed teams. So far, the two co-champions have registered their intent, but so far only mumblings from the ranks about maybe putting in a team to take on the titans. Truth be: if we don’t have enough teams we won’t run the event. Come on’s CHEAP….it’s FUN. You can win money and a trophy! Register your team or as a single and we will build you a team. Keep Oliver as Canada’s home of the most trivial people!