Youthful performers at Showcase of Talent

IMG_7024 Showcase of Talent had a musical (and colourful) cast of young performers on Friday May 9th onstage at Park Drive Church. All photos by Leza Macdonald.

Here is what one happy member of the audience had to say: “Wow!  Tonight was wonderful!  The children amaze us!  I thought it was great how they went above and beyond when singing their musical numbers and included their co-stars and acted as well.  This was all their own idea. IMG_6980 “Thank you for all that you do to encourage youth to be involved in their music and art.  I know that my children have greatly benefitted by having the opportunities to perform at these events.  It gives them confidence in their talents and it never hurts to perform in front of people whenever they can.  They can never have too much encouragement.  We are so lucky to have people like you and the others in your circle who care about encouraging these children.  They are forever affected positively by your efforts.”IMG_7063IMG_7094IMG_7011