WOW Trade Show seeks vendors

Entrepreneur? Local small business owner? non-profit society? Have a product, trade, programme, or service you want to promote? Register for a table at the popular “Mainly for Women” Trade Show and get your message out there!

Check out the Vendor’s Information Sheet here: MWTS 2013 Information Sheet (Click again to open the page.)

Click on the link below for a Mainly for Women Trade Show entry form.  MWTS — ENTRY FORM 2013 (Then click again to open the form.)

Please note that due to the number of interested parties and to avoid duplication of product and services, it is necessary to rent the tables on a first come first served basis, determined by when your completed entry form and payment are received. The successful entrants will be contacted to confirm their table.

And NO, you don’t have to be a woman to participate or attend! The trade show is called “Mainly for Women” because the proceeds go to programs and services that primarily benefit women and their children, particularly women who need assistance to become self-sufficient, trained, or employed.  And that benefits us all!

The Women of Oliver for Women Society is a non-profit group member of the Oliver Community Arts Council. Consider becoming a member of the arts council! Fill out a form by clicking on the “Forms” under the banner at the top of the page and following the links.