Winners Announced from Fall Art Show and Sale











Emerging Artist Under 18

First: Nate Dunford ”None Shall Pass” (pictured, second from left)
Second: Gabriella Martine “Let’s Take a Tangent” (pictured, far right)
Third: Nate Dunford ”Holy”


First: Luba Chpak ”Freedom”
Second: Janice Goodman ”Winter’s Solace
Third: Monte Pepin ”First”



First: Colleen Polychroniou ”Under the Sea”
Second: Colleen Polychroniou ”Guardian”
Third: Steve Staresina “The Kiss”



First: Cameron Ogilvie “White Collar Worker”
Second: Cameron Ogilvie “Reflected Light”
Third: Shannon Ford “Out of Me Box Stall”


Fibre Arts

First: Kathie Kirby ”Hi There”
Second: Terry Irvine “I, Rock”
Third: Shirley Nilsson ”Catch a Falling Star”


Other Media

First: Russell Work ”A-round Oliver”
Second: Jack Bennest ”White Sisters”
Third: Jack Bennest ”Look at Vaseux”


Best Interpretation of the Theme (“Outisde the Box”):

 Russell Work “A-round Oliver”

More photographs from the show to come!

Photo credit: Jack Bennest