Green thumbs with community spirit make plans for 2012

contributed by Heather Whittall

Gardeners everywhere are looking at seed catalogues and dreaming of the day when they can start planting their gardens. The fun of planning just doesn’t compare with the smell of fresh earth and the feel of soil in your hands and the sun on your back.

Workshops and presentations for gardeners of all ages will be the big focus at this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Oliver Community Garden Society. “Of course we also have raised-bed garden boxes available for rent,” says Luke Whittall, president of the Garden Society. “Not everyone has the space to build a garden. Our raised beds are easy to access and easy to work. You can have tomatoes growing in no time.”

Flowers, peppers, herbs, peas, beans, and pumpkins, have also done well in the past at the Community Garden. “Any crop suitable for raised bed gardening will work great here,” says Whittall. “Our plan this year is to provide totally automatic irrigation for the whole garden site. If you’re away for a couple weeks on vacation, you won’t have to worry about your garden getting watered.”

We have big plans for the Oliver Community Garden this year! Not only do we want to make it lusher and greener and more of the enchanted space we’ve been dreaming of over the winter, but we want to awaken the sense of community a garden can bring.

The Oliver Community Garden Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, March 12th at 7 pm at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, Studio Building on Airport Street which has also been the location of the Garden since the 2011 growing season. Though it is less visible than the previous location on Main Street, Whittall does not see it as an issue. “It’s makes for a much more serene gardening experience. On Main Street, it was loud with all the traffic noise and there was no shade. At the Quail’s Nest, it’s much more quiet and we have great shaded areas.”  The society welcomes all to attend and contribute to the discussion of what you would like to see the Community Garden do this summer and over the coming years. We are already planning a number of workshops and welcome your input on their topics.

The  community garden willl be holding monthly workshops on second Saturdays of each month starting in May as well as getting the youth of the community more involved and educated in the wonders of gardening. The kickoff is a great big Plant Sale and Garden Warming Party on Saturday, May 26th at the Oliver Community Garden at the Quail’s Nest Art Centre.

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