Your invitation to the Art Gallery in the Great Outdoors

The Oliver Sagebrushers invite the public to attend a CELEBRATION OF COMPLETION!

Everyone is invited to the Ceremony to Celebrate the completion of the Mural on the Fields Wall.  Saturday October 29th at 11 a.m. in the Fields Store Parking Lot.

Mayor Hampson will commence the Celebration. The Oliver Sagebrushers Art Club is so proud to have been given a chance to design and paint this Mural to enhance the beauty of our Town of Oliver. Many thanks to Alberto and Tracy of Alberto’s, Mr. & Mrs. J. Barata, and the Town of Oliver. This project has taken 196 hours to complete not counting the hours of designing, selecting colours, negotiating, etc. It has been a labour of love and pride by the project manager and crew.

Come meet the Artists , enjoy the cameraderie and toast the Mural!

Here’s how the mural looked just two short months ago:










Thanks for the photos Leza MacDonald and Jack Bennest