Waxing lyrical about Chelan


by Marion Trimble

Here’s a picture from the Encaustic (Wax) Workshop at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre on Tuesday September 20. Two friends from Chelan, Marilyn Grover and Cindy Ulrich, came up for the class. When they were here at our invitation last year, we signed them up as members of the Oliver Sagebrushers Art Club.  They are the two ladies at the extreme right. We didn’t know they were able to come. So nice to see them again! Kudos to Jan & Wayne Kreut for inviting them to stay overnight at their house.

Both Chelan visitors said how much they enjoyed their trip last year and were looking for an opportunity to come back.  This opens the door for our getting an art group having a return trip to Chelan, the “Art Without Borders” exchange. We get emails from Chelan keeping us informed of their workshops too.  To be sure, the Oliver artists will descend upon Chelan once again!