Vote for new Board at upcoming AGM

The arts council holds its Annual General Meeting on

Monday February 28 
9:30 a.m
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre
followed by nibbles and the monthly Arts Jam!

The elections include one of the largest slates of nominees the council has seen in a long time. While one candidate is currently standing for each of the executive positions, eleven candidates are running for eight directorships.

President Esther Brown is stepping down after three years at the helm, but is running as a director nominee for 2011.  Standing for executive posts are Penelope Johnson (for President), Darryl MacKenzie (for Vice President), Jack Bennest (for Treasurer), and Shirley Rourke (for Secretary).  Nominations are  still accepted for each position.

Sally Franks, Jennifer Mapplebeck, Brian Mapplebeck, Craig Rusinek, and Steve Staresina have thrown their hats back in the ring. Joining them on the slate are Esther Brown,  Diane Gludovatz, Marilyn Marsel, Bernice Myllyniemi, Leann Parrent, and Roger Ulasovetz. Secretary Penny Ruddy and directors Shirley Nilsson and Hella Prochaska are stepping down. Thank you all for your work!

All members will receive a copy of nominee bios either by email or at the AGM to make an informed vote.  Each individual and family member may vote.  Each business and group member may send one representative to vote.

Membership applications will be accepted from 9:00 a.m.  on the morning of the AGM until the meeting starts. Applications can also be found by clicking on “Membership Form” at the top of this page.

Nominations from the membership are still welcome. Please obtain your nominee’s permission first, then  email with your recommendation.