Vaseux Lake Celebrated in Heritage Week

The Oliver and District Heritage Society celebrates BC’s Heritage Week in the third week of February (21st – 27th). This year the provincial theme is “A Century of Conservation: Parks and Cultural Landscapes”, selected in honour of the centennial of BC Parks. “Whatever its size, makeup or purpose, every park is a testament to the culture of conservation which unites the values of heritage and environmental protection.” says the Heritage BC website (

The ODHS festivities include an evening celebrating the local heritage of the Vaseux Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The evening will include some fascinating history of conservation at the sanctuary, and some remarkable facts about its ecosystem. Adding a visual dimension to the evening will be a display of artisitic impressions of the Vaseux Lake area and its wildlife. The Oliver Sagebrushers have volunteered to showcase some of their artwork. Other arts groups are invited to exhibit pieces reflecting the natural heritage of this local park. Contact

The Oliver and District Heritage Society presents
“A Century of Conservation: Vaseux Lake Bird Sanctuary”
Thursday February 24
7:00 p.m.
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre,
34274 95th Street, Oliver BC
Information:, 250-498-0490

More information about the park: The park protects 10 red listed plant ecosystems the cover the whole spectrum from desert to wetland. Including Antelope brush, Big sage, Bluebunch wheatgrass, Balsamroot, and Red osier dogwood.

There is an astounding number of rare wildlife species in this small park. There are seven blue and two red listed mammals known in the park, including California bighorn sheep, badger and Pallid bat.  The park is a birder’s paradise with 11 red listed species and 9 blue listed species present. Five blue listed reptiles are found in the park, as well as the red listed Night snake, the rarest snake in Canada. Common waterfowl are Canada geese, trumpeter swans, blue-winged teal, widgeons and wood ducks. Lazuli bunting are spotted in the spring – sharing the area with toads, turtles, beavers, muskrats, rabbits and deer.

Come discover things you never knew about Vaseux Lake and celebrate 100 years of conservation with the Oliver District Heritage Society!