Trade Show has something for everyone

Mainly for Women Trade Show

Presented by Women of Oliver for Women (W.O.W.)
Saturday February 18, 2012
10 a.m.-4.00 p.m.
Oliver Community Center Hall
Free Admission
Food and beverages
Men and children welcome!
50 + vendors
Door prizes

Art and craft, jewelry, ceramics, preserves, home services, hand crafted soaps and other bath and beauty supplies, pet supplies, quilted goods, woolens, clothing, kitchenware … what a place to buy gifts, find special items for your own home,  or get some advice from a variety of small business owners.

Contrary to its name, the trade show is intended for shoppers of all ages and genders! The name comes from its intended purpose: to raise money for local women in need  and their children. Thus “mainly for the benefit of women”.  The trade show also makes a point of supporting women in business, especially home or start-up businesses. That is, women who would benefit from some extra promotion.  Now THAT is something we can ALL support!

2 thoughts on “Trade Show has something for everyone

  1. Hi was wondering who to contact to become a vender?
    I understand if it is to late for this year but I’d like to do next year.

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