The mic is yours

Friday Night Live2Medici’s Friday Night Live is on again this March 20th at 7:00PM.

Is this the best live music gig in town?….in the entire valley???…ye it is!! Marcel, who is away this week, invites you to bring your love of music , your instrument and your voice and become part of the night sounds. Bruce Springsteen has once again been asked to guest host with the promise that he may get to play a tune if we don’t run too late….so we’ll see. We crank up the music shortly after 7:00. The music is huge…Tons of talent…all we need is you!

We are licensed. We have beer, wine, coffees with a kick and our usual great gelato and snacks and sweet treats. Friday March 20th at 7:00 PM. 522 Fairview Road. 250-498-2228.