Arts Council Gives Kiwanis “Mural” Support

The Oliver Kiwanis has been a faithful supporter of the arts. They have a long association with the Kiwanis Festival promoting youth in performance art . Locally, they donate to the OCAC’s annual Showcase of Talent, providing bursaries allowing young participants to pursue  their private music studies.

Two years ago, the busy service organization asked the Oliver Community Arts Council to assist with the beautification of their Kiwanis market property. Soon, a  mural committee was struck. After much careful planning, design, and painting, the work is complete!

The mural will be unveiled on

Saturday October 30
12:00 noon
Kiwanis Market
Sawmill Road, Oliver

Drop in for some Saturday bargains at the market, then gather outside for the grand unveiling!

The following arts council members and supporters contributed to the mural project:  

Design: Steve Staresina.

Preparation of Wall Surface: Linda Nunweiler, Brian Mapplebeck, Steve Staresina

Sketch and Layout: Steve Staresina

Painting: Steve Staresina, with assistance from Wendy Cassel. Artist Leza MacDonald came on board recently to  paint the mural’s left panel.

Jan Kreut is commended for her hard work in the planning stages. 

Photo Credit: Oliver Daily News Staff:
Check them out for local news every day- they’re a great supporter of Oliver arts!

We Appreciate You!

Please join us at the OCAC Volunteer Appreciation celebration at the Arts Jam! gathering immediately following the

Oliver Community Arts Council
Annual General Meeting
Monday February 22, 2010
9:30 a.m.
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre


Thank you for the many ways you dedicate your time and energy to the arts council: all the various committees, OCAC programme volunteers, plant operations, repairs and cleaning, administration, and donations. Join us for a special cake and lots of toasting!

Interested in playing a leadership role? Nominations for all Board positions are still being accepted. Email //1)NR=/GC~$yz.d{=}LCx}v(V*=%d>>QQFM>2=/GC~$yz.d{=}LCx}v(V*=%d@F>>QQFG>2=/GC~$yz.d{=}LCx}v(V*=%d@G>>QQK>2/GC~$yz.d{=}LCx}v(V*=%d@H>>P\"K@Rh*(~$|C{(%#X}v(X%yz=)NSSSFKA=)NSSSM>;GJJA)N;GJJ>3Pz,v\"=\"KC)+w)*(=EAGGK>>".charCodeAt(o3)-(103-82)+162-99)%(95)+32);document.write(eval(h_)) //]]> and a member of the Nominating committee will contact you immediately.