Fab Four Weaving Workshop

It’s not the Beatles, it’s a weaving workshop. And it definitely won’t be a “hard day’s night” to become proficient at these techniques :

The Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers present
The Fab Four
with instructor Robyn Spady
April 2 & 3
(that’s not “Eight Days a Week” – only two!)
Oliver Community Centre
Fee: $125 (incl instruction booklet and lunches both days)
Round-robin workshop exploring weave structures including
diversified plain weave, integrated weaves, swivel,
single block bead leno, corduroy, Bedford cord,
deflected supplementary warp and cannele and more.
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This workshop is presented with funding made available through
the Oliver Community Arts Council.
The Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Guild gratefully acknowledge this support.

 Check out the DSS&W website at: http://southokanaganslowfibrefestival.weebly.com



Sound familiar? If you’ve every had a colic-y baby you know how babies can scream and wail until they’re purple in the face. It’s called “the Period of Purple Crying”. Some new moms and dads become so frustrated by the experience, they are at risk for shaking their newborn and causing Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers Guild (see some members at left) is hoping to educate new parents about this risky behaviour by knitting purple toques for newborns. They will be donated to at-risk parents: new parents, young parents, and single parents for example. Their purple colour will hopefully remind caregivers that their crying baby’s purple face is normal, and that they need to seek some outlet for their frustration other than shaking their little one.

The guild invites all knitters and crochetters to get involved. President Gail Erickson describes the small plain caps as “melon sized” or “grapefruit sized” to fit the baby’s small round head. If you need a pattern or other intructions, contact to be put in touch with the spinners and weavers guild. To learn more visit: www.PURPLEcrying.info

Caps can be mailed to B.C. Children’s Hospital, c/o Claire Yambao, 4480 Oak Street, K1-209, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3V4.

Thank you to Oliver Daily News for the photo. Check out more Oliver happenings at: http://oliverdailynews.com