AGM for Quails

All Oliver Community Arts Council members and visitors are welcome to the OCAC’s  Annual General Meeting on Monday February 27 at 9:30 a.m. at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, 5840 Airport Road.  Renewing and new memberships are welcomed at the meeting. Coffee, tea, and refreshments provided.  The AGM is kept short, with a financial year-end report from the Treasurer, a report from the president, and the election of 2012 officers and directors.

Nominations for officers are: Penelope Johnson (President), Esther Brown (Vice President), Diane Gludovatz (Secretary) and Arleyene Farnworth (Treasurer). Ten additional nominees will stand for eight positions as directors of the Board, assuring a democratic election.  Additional nominees for all positions are welcomed.

The 2011 Board gave a vote of thanks at its recent meeting for retiring directors Marilyn Marsel, Steve Staresina, and Roger Ulasovetz, and for officers Jack Bennest, treasurer,  and secretary Shirley Corley-Rourke.  Bennest and Corley-Rourke are both running  for director positions in 2012.

Following the AGM is Arts Jam! the monthly gathering to share local arts news and views. Meet the creative crowd, and find out what’s coming up in the local arts scene!


New faces, new positions on 2011 Board

The arts council held its annual general meeting on Monday February 28 at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre. Despite the snowy morning, there was a good turnout and the membership was rewarded with a tight electoral race, some exciting local art news, and a coffee social.

OCAC President Esther Brown stepped down from the position she’s held for the last two years,  and was replaced by Penelope Johnson. Also acclaimed to the executive positions were Darryl MacKenzie as Vice President, Jack Bennest as Treasurer, and newcomer Shirley Corley-Rourke as Secretary.

Eight directors were elected to the Board from a slate of eleven after a close race.  One position required a second ballotting process.  New faces in the directorship are Marilyn Marsel, Leann Parrent,  and Roger Ulasovetz.  Returning to their seats are Sally Franks, Brian Mapplebeck, Jennifer Mapplebeck, and Steve Staresina. Past president Esther Brown also won a director’s seat.

In her annual report, outgoing president Esther Brown highlighted some of the arts council’s most notable achievements in the last year. She credited partnerships with other organizations as helping the arts council stay vibrant and “front and centre” in the community. Among the partnerships she named were two fund raising concerts with the Penticton Concert Band, the “Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest”  (part of the Oliver Communities in Bloom programme), an spring exhibit at the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, a collaborative meeting with the arts councils from the Thompson-Okanagan region (TONAC), an historical display courtesy of the Oliver and District Heritage Society at the Fall Art Show and Sale, the Oliver Kiwanis mural project, and a budding partnership with the Oliver Community Garden Society.  Esther Brown received loud applause for her report.

Treasurer Jack Bennest was pleased to announce that 2010 was a well-managed fiscal year.  OCAC programme committees worked hard to trim expenses and reach a cost-neutral outcome. Several small fund raising  projects offset government and gaming cutbacks to the arts. A successful BC Arts Council application in the fall netted a $1500 basic grant (based on population), plus $3500 matching grant (added to $3500 provided by Oliver Parks and Rec ),  plus a performance award bonus of $2000 recognizing meritorious actvity in 2010. 

A vibrant Arts Jam! gathering followed the AGM. Representatives from several arts groups were in attendance , announcing their spring events. Information about the 2011-12 concert series, a choir concert, a fibre workshop, a quilt exhibit, a fine art show, the upcoming SOAP comedy and other arts celebrations can be found elsewhere on the blog. Stay tuned! There’s lots of exciting stuff in the works!

The arts council thanks Esther Brown for her dedication to the OCAC during her presidency. The council also thanks outgoing secretary Penny Ruddy and 2010 directors Shirley Nilsson, Hella Prochaska, and Craig Rusinek  for their service on the Board.

OCAC Special General Meeting Minutes – August 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre
9:30 a.m.

Board: Esther Brown (President), Stephanie Salsnek (Vice President/ FCA Liaison), Jack Bennest (Treasurer/FOTOL Liaison), Penelope Johnson (Secretary/SOCS Liaison), Linda Blaschuk (Rotary Auction, Oliver Arts and Crafts Sale Liaison), Heather Fink (Sage Valley Voices Liaison), Sally Franks (Rentals, Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Liaison), Jan Kreut (Member Group Publicity), Brian Mapplebeck (Country Market A-Fair Liaison), Jennifer Mapplebeck (SOAP Liaison), Penny Ruddy (Finance Committee, Double O Quilters Liaison), Steve Staresina (Operations, Oliver Sagebrushers Liaison)

Member Group Representatives: Diane Gludovatz (SOAP), Gail Erickson (Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers), Kurt Hutterli (South Okanagan Concert Society)

Individual/Family Members: Arvie Bourgeault, Claudette Chabot, Dot Cranston, Val Friesen, Barb Levant, Phyllis Lowenberg, Evie New, Leo Pedersen, Colleen Polychroniou, Russell Work

Guests: Diana McKinnon, Donna McLean, Roy McLean, Anthea McLean

1. CALL TO ORDER: E. Brown called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. A quorum of at least 25% membership was established. Guests were welcomed and introductions made.

Currently, ByLaw 3: Fiscal Year reads:
“The Fiscal Year of the Society shall end on the 31st day of August in each and every year.”

Rationale for By-Law Amendment:
With the fiscal year end on August 31, the preparation and audit of annual financial statements occurs in the middle of the busy programme season when both sides of the profit and loss sheet are very active. An annual statement at this time does not fairly assess the yearly cash flow. Also, financial preparation during the programme season is onerous for volunteers.

Granting bodies have received an unrealistically rosy picture of our cash flow, when revenue is high and the bills have not yet been paid. Moving the fiscal year end to a quieter time of year when much of our annual resources have been spent will give granting bodies a clearer understanding of our need for funds.

MOTION: That the OCAC amend ByLaw 3: Fiscal Year to read:
“The Fiscal Year of the Society shall end on the 31st day of December in each and every year.”
Moved by: J. Bennest
Seconded by: J. Mapplebeck

Currently, Bylaw 7.1 Meetings reads:
“The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of October in each and every year, upon a date and at a time to be set by the Board of Directors.”

Rationale for By-Law Amendment: Changing the month from October to February will allow roughly six weeks from year end to prepare and audit the financial statements.

MOTION: That the OCAC amend Bylaw 7.1 Meetings to read:
“The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of February in each and every year, upon a date and at a time to be set by the Board of Directors.”
Moved by: L. Blaschuk
Seconded by: J. Kreut

ACTION: J. Bennest (Treasurer) will submit a 12-month financial report (to August 31, 2009) to the BC Arts Council in lieu of the audited statement, and submit an audited financial statement four months later upon completion of the new fiscal year end (to December 31).

MOTION: That the Special General Meeting be adjourned, at 9:46 a.m.
Moved by E. Brown.