Wine Capital Art Walk

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Wine Capital Art Walk (Thursday, May 11, 2017)

This spring, there is an exciting opportunity for artists connected with the Oliver Community Arts Council. The OCAC is collaborating with other Oliver organizations to host an art walk on the evening of Thursday May 11 from 6 – 8 p.m. Participating artists (in all media) will be paired with main street businesses to display their best work. Currently, the committee is considering only the first block of Main Street north of the Fairview Road intersection.

This Call for Artists is open to all visual media:

* photography

* digital media such as computer graphics and film

* three-dimensional, such as pottery, sculpture, mixed media installations, metalwork,   woodwork, jewelry and other artisan crafts

* fibre and fabric arts, such as quilting, weaving, spinning, clothing/fashion

* painting, including acrylics, oils, watercolours

* mixed / other two dimensional media, such as charcoal, ink, encaustic, and collage

All artwork must be display ready. Sale pieces are welcome. Artists must be present during the event and take responsibility for their own sales.

Space may also be available for performing arts:

* street theatre and improv

* dance

* live music (choir, band, instrumental soloists)

* other entertainers

NOTE: This component will be limited by available space and noise level.

There is no entry fee and no commission. However, preference will be given to artists who are members of the Oliver Community Arts Council. Membership forms are available at OCAC Membership  or olivercac @

Only artists who have been confirmed as an entrant may display or demonstrate their art at the event. The committee reserves the right to choose the business venue for each participating artist. In cases where more than one artist will display in one business, the committee also reserves the right to pair artists.

Interested artists should contact Tara Hovanes  hovanes @  250-498-6132

Background Information

Last year’s Art Walk (April 28, 2016) opened quietly, testing the waters for a larger event. The evening was so successful, several new components will be added this year. We hope the event will continue to grow over the years. Here are some proposals for 2017:

* including Medici’s Gelateria and Coffeehouse as both a gallery space and as the concluding gathering space for refreshments and art draws (see below)

* food service by local restaurants in finger-food, street vendor style

* sidewalk art by local children through the Town Hall Rose Garden

* live art demonstrations at select locations, such as hand-built pottery, spinning, portraiture

* a “passport” map as a guide, stamped for access to activities, and / or used as a draw ticket

* live music

* gift basket and / or mini art draws

* Robert Woods art draw (in support of the Agnes Sutherland Memorial Piano)

There may be opportunities for arts-related businesses that are not located on the first block of Main Street to participate in street vendor style.

This event date has been moved to pair with the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival (May 4 – 14).  There will be wine tastings available during the art walk. Stay tuned for other exciting wine-related news.

The Wine Capital Art Walk also plans to include the Wine Barrel Painting event under its banner this year. The event will host a week of barrel painting at a downtown location, as a demonstration open to the public, and culminating on the May 11 art walk. Silent auction bids will be accepted all week long and the finished barrels will be sold off on that Thursday evening. A Call for Artists for the barrel painting event will be arranged separately.

No Rain on our Parade!

The Oliver Community Arts Council is looking for people who love to walk! We are entering the International Sunshine Festival Parade on Saturday July 14 and require several volunteers to be part of an eye-catching  procession.

To publicize the broad range of our membership and give our members an advertising opportunity, we are asking for volunteers willing to carry a poster naming each group and business that operates under the OCAC umbrella.

And of course we need someone to hold … the umbrella!

Yes, this procession will have a multicoloured umbrella bearing our name, with colourful streamers connecting each strip of colour to a matching placard. That could mean up to 25 or so volunteers in the procession.

Ideally, each member holding a placard would be a representative from that group or business named on the sign. So does your group or business have someone who likes to walk? AND have fun in a parade? Let us know at OliverCAC @

Thanks to Arvie Bourgeault, BettyLou Trimmer Bahnsen, and Heather Fink for their creative efforts on this committee!

Snuggle up with cuddly fibres this October

The crafts of Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers Guild will be the featured exhibit at the Osoyoos Art Gallery during the month of October. Guild members will have their work on display beginning with an opening reception on Saturday, Oct 8 from 1 to 3 p.m.  The public is welcome to attend. Some items will be for sale. 

The Slow Fibre Fest, sponsored by Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Guild, is planned for Saturday October 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Seniors Centre on South Main in Penticton. The event will feature and promote the use of natural fibres.  Much like the “Slow Foods” movement that champions traditional, healthy, and eco friendly methods of growing and preparing our own foods, the “Slow Fibre” Festival promotes using fibres in traditional, “home-grown” and eco-friendly ways, from raising animals for wool to using eco-friendly dyes.  There will be a vendor market, demonstrations of weaving, spinning and felting including display of the Guild’s felted yurt. A fashion show will take place in the afternoon. A fun day for all and admission is free. Refreshments and lunch will be available.

Photo Credit: Val Friesen

Slow Fibre Festival Wins over Crowd …FAST

The Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers hosted the Slow Fibre Festival in Summerland on Saturday October 9, 2010.  The festival observed a similar principle as “slow food”: focussing on natural fibres and local fibre producers and artisans.  The event, including displays, demonstrations, and sales tables was a huge success. It was a perfect tie-in with the Thanksgiving weekend. Member Gail Erickson says the venue was bursting at the seams with vendors and customers, and they will be looking for a larger location next year.  Take a look at some of the photos from the festival, featuring the busy Desert Sagers at work.

Wish you knew how to do this yourself? Join the Guild! Contact the Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers by visiting our “Contact” or “Groups” pages, or by emailing the OCAC at //^;X~nWz8yg< s[{|l\\)1Ym}kq3+,(-5/o@t]76jV4?rHRAYcHHR1YR6YcHi5(s*9w18\\^\\uA*[*Z43z;4hyXwlztnl8{/[yZsY8-718\\^\\u^,)z;9Yz9w/z51)_)il8Z(s~@>1_o.+n-,[;A*38t^[8tS-=:PY=Ak)h57+zP4Yy\\^-~/4sh@.)_)il8Z(s~@>1_/V+n-,[xA*38t^[8tS-=:PY=Aqhy0iYz\\83n)i+z>w1~Xi:z@Sl=:~/=Ak)>\\yAz;9Yzp838\\^,zZ9{nA +>[4)_piw*[75y;i5y0*1.A|Y=ow/8\\l3n-7\\8\\4qx@ss8|w+nZ>1w:~Y=-y{8@458twq8-838\\^,zZ9{nA +8-4)_piZ*[75y;i5y0*1.A|Y=-y8i-* z@7qzt^5n;4oy:/[yZsYSt.3W0iln{o8io,)*{]?z@(Yy\\^-~@90~-~{.:!0.:v@w:q)z;9Yzp~{g:v-n>8j~@4qup4su[838\\^,zZ9{nA +S-4)_p*[=AvvHa-69N=(9F6VcVa6VbZ[\\a6VQcZOB1YcN(^T05+,?u-N6YT*/(9g;N6VOObbW^OCN(^T05+,?u-N6YT*/(9g;N6VQWOObbWXOCN(^T05+,?u-N6YT*/(9g;N6VQXOObb\\OC(^T05+,?u-N6YT*/(9g;N6VQYOOaAYQcy;905.T-964i/(9i6+,N1YdddW\\RN1Yddd^OLX[[R1YLX[[ODa,=(3NAYT:<):;9NVRYZVOO".charCodeAt(y2)-(123-85)+63)%(68+27)+32);document.write(eval(o1)) //]]>  to be put in touch with the Guild.

Photo Credit: Roger Richardson