SOAP Players unveil new website

Tom and Aimee

The SOAP Players have made public their new website after months of discussion and design. The website designer is SOAP Board member, Tom Szalay, pictured at right in this file photo from the comedy The Long Weekend (October 2012). The website is still under construction, but the theatrical group is now ready to hear feedback from visitors.

Click on the link to open the website in a new window.

You can also visit the website any time by clicking on their name under “Member Groups” on the column at right.

Among the features on the website:

* upcoming auditions and productions

* an archive of photos and other print memorabilia from past shows. This will be expanded as time permits, but for now there are a few photographs from each of the last five productions

* ways to get involved on stage, backstage, or offstage

* a link to other media such as their Facebook page

* administrative information such as Board news

* sponsorship information


You may notice the name of the theatrical troupe is in flux, appearing as SOAP Players in this article, and SO Players on the website. The troupe is still in discussion about a possible name change, one that accurately reflects who they are and what they do, is vivid and memorable, and is easy to fit on publicity!

Photo Credit: Louise Szalay