Room for more

OCAC Storage 1

Some members of the Oliver Community Arts Council tried out a new storage unit for themselves, after a festive gathering at Monday’s Arts Jam. The arts council needed a secure unit to store its new display grids, several sandwich board signs, and seasonal items. Carpenter Barry Jeffery applied his skill with wood to construct the sturdy locker inside “Big Blue”, the larger of two buildings at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre. A project under the direction of the Board, and facilitated by Board rep Sally Franks, the unit has ample room, is open to both natural and interior light, is easily accessed, can be locked, has solid construction to bear the leaning weight of some heavy items, and has a roof for extra storage above.

Pictured L – R: Gail Erickson, Kurt Hutterli, Marianne Hutterli, Sally Franks, and Shirley Nilsson.

Photo Credit: Penelope Johnson