Results for the Fall Art Show and Sale


1st   Nancy GRAY         `27 Olds

2nd  Anthea McLEAN      Liberty Liberty

3rd  Janice GOODMAN   Wishin` I Was Here


1st   Michael JORDAN                 Thin Ice– Blue Lake (Best in Show)

2nd  Colleen POLYCHRONIOU      Higher

3rd    E.Arlyene FARNWORTH        Ocean Front Property In Arizona

3rd   Olena LENNOX                      The Kiss – Raven and the Dove


1st  Dianne BERSEA        Sky Dance  (pictured with Sally Franks & Marion Trimble)

2nd  Sheryl FOSSETT         Untitled

3rd   GARCILAZO                Cave of Lost Dreams

3rd   L. Leann PARRENT     Romancing the Desert

Fibre Arts:

1st   Janice GOODMAN       Trio

2nd  Shirley NILSSON             Tea With A View

3rd   Marianne PARSONS       Stone Stories


1st   David KOENIG          Moon Thief

2nd   Yvonne MOORE         Come Sail Away

3rd   Dianne BERSEA         Channel Inn Whimsy


1st    Paul EBY                       Keeping Watch

2nd   Paul EBY                         Three’s Company

3rd   Merle SOMMERVILLE     Autumn Fantasy – Silver Poplars

3rd   Darrell URUSKI               Golden Sunset on Vaseau Lake

Other Media:

1st     Sue McCARRELL Cabinet of Dreams

2nd    Sandy BOBLIN         Rustic 3

2nd    Anthea McLEAN      Dream of the Navajo

3rd    Diane GANE             The Evolution of Magda

Emerging Artist:  Category not judged. Not enough entries

Participating Certificate        Kallie MARSEL            Turtle Mania

Participating Certificate        Paige RILEY                  Madelyn in Mountains

Budding Artist:

1st    Benjamin KOENIG        Dragon Rider

2nd   Emma LENNOX                Dreams

3rd   Emaya VEGA BARIC        Night and Day

Photo Credit: Jack Bennest, Oliver Daily News