Photography by Black Orchid

Bob Cameron of Black Orchid Photography is familiar to most in Oliver through his landscape photography, which he shares regularly on Oliver Daily News, another arts council business member. Check out his latest shots from a hike up MacIntyre Bluff. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

Cameron 1

“Oliver Parks and Rec put on another fabulous hike to the top of MacIntyre Bluff, this early Spring and I was able to take a common picture that all residents of Oliver, B.C. have to know many times. As my first time on the climb and having to stop numerous times to catch my breath. reaching the top was fabulous. Although raining in the beginning extremely windy at the top, the View was worth it.”

Cameron 2

Did you know Bob also does portrait photography? Check out his website for a selection of his There you will find some lovely portraits of children and grandparents, young adults and parents, and family with pets. What a great idea when family visits this spring! Contact him to set up an appointment for some memorable portraits in the great outdoors or in his studio.  1-250-689-1351