OCAC Board Minutes – May 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre


Present: Esther Brown (President), Jack Bennest (Treasurer/FOTOL Liaison), Heather Fink (Finance Committee, Sage Valley Voices Liaison), Sally Franks (Rentals, Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Liaison), Jan Kreut (Member Group Publicity), Brian Mapplebeck (Country Market A-Fair Liaison), Jennifer Mapplebeck (SOAP Liaison), Steve Staresina (Operations, Oliver Sagebrushers Liaison)

 Regrets: Stephanie Salsnek (Vice President/ FCA Liaison), Penelope Johnson (Secretary/SOCS Liaison), Linda Blaschuk (Rotary Auction, Oliver Arts and Crafts Sale Liaison), Penny Ruddy (Finance Committee, Double O Quilters Liaison)

 1. CALL TO ORDER: E. Brown called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


MOTION: That the agenda for the Board meeting of May 20, 2009 be adopted as written.

Moved: S. Staresina
Seconded: J. Mapplebeck


MOTION: That the minutes of the Board meeting on April 15, 2009 be adopted as written.

Moved: J. Bennest
Seconded: S. Staresina


(a) Correspondence Requiring a Response None.

(b) Correspondence Sent: P. Johnson has written letters of thanks for generous donations to: ODCEDS, Kiwanis, Rotary Club, and Oliver Parks and Recreation Society.

E. Brown has written a letter to Terry Irvine in response to her concerns about the appearance and rental of the Quail’s Nest.


(a) Financial Statement

The Treasurer outlined the report to the end of April, 2009 with total value in all accounts of $39 359.25.

MOTION: That the Treasurer’s report dated April 30, 2009 be approved and further that the actions taken by the Treasurer on behalf of the Society be authorized and the bills be paid.

Moved: J. Bennest
Seconded: J. Mapplebeck

(b) Motion to Restrict Funding

MOTION: That $5000 received from the BCAC as a supplement be diverted into a GIC/Term and be notated as restricted for future use beyond the next fiscal year.

Moved: J. Bennest
Seconded: S. Staresina

(a) Sound Equipment: The Performance committee (S. Franks and H. Fink) recommended that a ‘Yamaha Stagepas 500’ be obtained.

MOTION: That the Board authorize a budget of $2000 and the portable sound system be purchased as soon as possible.

Moved: S. Franks
Seconded: H. Fink

 (b) Assembly of BC Arts Councils Conference Report:

Verbal reports were given by J. Mapplebeck, S. Staresina, J. Bennest, and B. Mapplebeck. E. Brown read a written report submitted by P. Johnson..


(a) Finance Committee:

The DAP Grant Application Committee has handed over the application to a two-person Executive group of President and Secretary for final review and mailing of application. Total application request is for $13,187.00 for repairs to the roof and installation of a kitchen.

 (b) Fundraising: Jan indicated Kiwanis needs letter of intent from OCAC regarding the proposed mural as soon as possible. Kiwanis has been thanked for their letter of support submitted with the DAP Grant application.

The Penticton Concert Band has offered to perform a benefit concert for the OCAC at the Venables Auditorium. Volunteers will be needed to organize and publicize the event (date: December 11 or 12). E. Brown will talk to South Okanagan Concert Society and report at the June Board meeting. Volunteers will be solicited at this month’s Arts Jam.

 (c) Operations:

MOTION: That the priority of capital projects be: Roof Repair, Security, Landscape Plan, Kitchen Renovation, Site Clearing and Landscape completion.

Moved: J. Bennest
Seconded: J. Kreut

Volunteers are needed for the various capital projects.

H. Fink volunteered to receive – by email or telephone – and keep a record of volunteer workers’ hours on a month by month basis.

S. Staresina indicated spring work party would take place during the week of June 8th

(d) Publicity

The Oliver Chronicle has issued the annual Oliver Visitors Guide that features an Arts Council display ad and arts events. A meeting with the publisher Susan Valentine is yet to be scheduled (to develop an arts page in the Chronicle).

All programme ads should carry logos and acknowledgements of our patrons.

(e) Performance

Coffee House – Penny Johnson performs June 25 at the Studio Building at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $10 at the door (refreshments included)..

Showcase of Talent (part 2) occurs June 11 at the Studio Building.

Music in the Park: The Penticton Concert Band kicks off the concert series Thursday July 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the CPR Station.

MOTION: That B. Mapplebeck be paid $50 for tuning the piano in the Studio Building .

Moved: S. Franks
Seconded: S. Staresina

 (f) Fall Art Show

Registration forms are available at Handworks Gallery and have also been widely distributed.


(a) Search and Rescue

MOTION: That the Treasurer be empowered to continue preliminary talks with Oliver Osoyoos Search & Rescue, Town of Oliver/RDOS for the outside security storage of two licensed road vehicles, any contract arrangement subject to final approval by OCAC Board.

Moved: S. Staresina
Seconded: H. Fink

 (b) Grad Decorations Donation: The OCAC is offering the SOSS Grad Decorating committee the decorations from the Rotary Auction. Sally reported that an offer had been made but there has been no response yet.


June Arts Jam! is Monday June 29 at 6:00 p.m. (Note time change.) This is a BBQ with invited guests.

S. Staresina and J. Bennest will prepare dinner and present a budget at next Board. (Potluck on certain items.)

Arts Jam!:  Monday May 25,  9:30 a.m. @ QNAC

Board Meeting: Wednesday June 17,  5:30 p.m. @ QNAC

Arts Jam!: Monday June 29,  6:00 p.m.  @ QNAC


MOTION: That the meeting be adjourned, at 8:35 p.m.

Moved: E. Brown