Melville Boys in pictures


“Ah, country life!”  Meet Owen Melville  (Brohm Dason), a  carefree younger brother who enjoys life’s simple pleasures: fishing, boating, beer, and  pretty girls. He’s been looking forward to enjoying all of them at a weekend holiday at the cabin. If only it weren’t for …

MB13Lee Melville (Craig Bjornson), his uptight older brother. Youthful Owen is a constant irritation to the responsible Lee. Lee would prefer a quiet (and sober) weekend at the family cottage. He also needs to have a serious conversation with his younger brother, if only he can keep Owen’s attention – and eyes – from wandering.







WMB7hen Owen spontaneously invites two attractive local women to join them for the day, comedy and chaos erupts. Lee is married, and unwilling to flirt. Owen is … well… looking for harmless fun, regardless of the circumstances. He sets his sights on Loretta (Sarah Williams), herself a younger and irresponsible sibling.

MB11However, Lee soon finds himself drawn to Loretta’s older sister , Mary (Robin Stille). She can relate to the whole “older sibling” thing. And she also knows a thing or two about life’s complicated questions: love, loyalty, courage, fear, and starting over.

MB1MB8Lee doesn’t mind that Mary is a darn good poker player, or that she’s a lousy cook.


It’s his infuriating brother he can’t talk to … or can he?

The South Okanagan Amateur Players present The Melville Boys, a Canadian comedy by Norm Foster. Friday April 24 and Saturday April 25, OSS Theatre, Osoyoos. 8:00 p.m. Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2, Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver. 8:00 p.m. Advance Tickets $18. Door: $20. Available at Your Dollar Store with More (Osoyoos), Sundance Video (Oliver), Dragon’s Den (Penticton).  Info: soap @ , 250-498-0183

Photos : Tom Szalay