Medici’s awards new trivia champs

Masters of Trivia winners 2015

The “Masters of Trivia” has a new champion team. Medici’s was full on the evening of Friday February 27 as seven teams waged trivia war in this Premier League tournament. There were many new faces, but the biggest battle of the night was between the 2013 co-winners. ‘John Won’t Care’ pulled away from ‘The Mighty Pixels’ early in the battle and held their lead all the way home.

Tongue-in-cheek, quiz-master David Badger describes the evening’s competition:

“The thin veneer of friendship evaporated as egos, raw with anxiety, lashed out to taunt and maim their fellow competitors. Five new teams: The Willowbrook Wonders, The Jukeboxers, Gravity’s Rejects, Lisa and Co. and of course, The Idiot Savants (new dress code required here, courtesy of Ed Dukes) all made their move to snatch glory from John Won’t Care BUT……they were denied!”

Pictured with a death grip on The Einstein Cup are the new champs: Merrill Bjerkan, Helene Urcullu, John (“I don’t care”) Bjerkan, Penelope Johnson and Patrick Reid.

Photo Credit: Sylvia Badger