Local leathersmith launches web store

Damian Brazeau of Robot Leather Shop announces “we have lift off!” on the opening of his new website, http://www.robotleather.com/ .  “For the last few months each spare second I’ve had has been dedicated to making [the website] a reality.” 

 While his busy workshop is in Oliver’s industrial area at the corner of Hemlock (89th) and (345th), Brazeau sells his wares via select dealers, trade shows,  artisan fairs and online.  



Brazeau designs and hand-tools purses, belts, wallets, wine accessories, cuffs, and masks. His style is bold, colourful, and original: a neon green leaf adorns a classic black bag, a sturdy tooled belt comes in deep purple. His mask designs  are extraordinary – perhaps “gasp masks” might be a good descriptor – and can be worn to your next Mardi Gras or used to decorate a special corner of your house. Brazeau does consider some custom adaptations to his designs.

Click on the link and take a look!