Join the covey!

Quail lay their eggs in the spring and summer, but we start “renewing” our covey in the fall and winter.

As December approaches, now is the time to fill out your membership form for 2018. Right click and save the image below or open the link to a PDF Membership Form 2018 and print off your form.

What do you get? A subscription to the Creative Minds newsletter (10 issues per year) delivered to your Inbox on the day of publication. For artists, there are discounts on entries to the Fall Art Show and Sale, and participation in the Wine Capital Art Walk. For arts lovers, there are occasional special offers and advance notices on upcoming events and projects. Rental of the Quail’s Nest Art Centre is also made available to members only. For art-loving non-profits and for-profits, we are media savvy, providing advertising and promotion across a number of platforms.