Jazz for Africa


Grab a chair and $10 (only $5 if you are a student) and come for some fun!   Thursday, June 11th at 7 pm Oliver’s Grandmothers for Africa are presenting the Thursday Night Jazz Band at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre at 5840 Airport  Street. Many of you already are familiar with a few of the jazz musicians who played the hugely successful Offramp Jazz Sextet concert at Venables Theatre back in January of this year.

The idea of the Thursday Night Jazz Band is unique, brilliant and quite different from a formal concert. Talented and generous, a substantial group of jazz musicians from the South Okanagan get together in various combinations to perform.   They have to practice and most have day jobs. So Thursday nights, informal and fun, are  practice time and why not practice in front of an audience and help local charities raise money for worthwhile causes?

On June 11th the cause is the Stephen Lewis Foundation programs in Africa to help African grandmothers raise grand-kids orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.   The history of AIDS in Africa chronicles hardship and painful losses but it also is the story of indomitable grandmothers who manage to feed, clothe, and educate their grandchildren, give them love and support through their grieving, engage in home-based care, AIDS education and income generating projects By working together, grandmothers here and in Africa are part of a massive process of reaching out to help isolated and fractured families become vibrant and hopeful.

When you join us June 11th expect a win/win musical evening with a variety of big band jazz pieces and some incredible improvisations.   Come with your friends  for some fine entertainment knowing that by attending you are helping children in Africa survive and thrive.