Jammin' success at Medici's will return Friday March 21

Friday Night Threeby David Badger

Medici’s Friday Night Live was an ‘out of the gate’ success on Friday March 7th. Solo acts ,small bands and collaborations all laid it out on stage. The music never quit! Marcel Morneau (pictured at left) led out the night with some covers and original stuff and  continued on as ‘ad hoc’ MC. Brian Highley, Mathew Thomas, Mike and Dan out of Gallagher Lake, Joe 5-0 and more kept the stage full and the air alive. It was a night of talented local performance coupled with some pretty good open-mic performances. This was a lot of fun and some fine music.

Fridya night Live

We’re going to do it again on Friday, March 21st. Doors open at 7 and if you think you’ve got some performance worthy stuff, bring it along, bring your instrument and you can put it on the line. Medici’s at 522 Fairview Road in Oliver