In the alley, cats!

Aaaaaaallright, it’s that time of year again! The Back Alley Concert Series, sponsored by Firehall Brewery, will be rockin’ the kegs down here at the Old Firehall in Oliver, BC. Our Main Street community events will once again feature grassroots music, local arts, winery friends, and of course… fresh craft draft! Tickets are $15 + tax, pre-sold at Pappa’s Firehall Bistro (www.pappasfirehallbistro.com250-498-4867) … and ya better grab a growler of beer to-go while you’re in there too 😉

BACS smIf you haven’t made it to one of our shows yet, here’s the run down. First, we slave away crafting the best beer possible. Then, we hunt down some quality musicians from the area. Next, we call around to our wine-making friends, seeing who’s available to come pour their grape magic. And last but not least, search out some local artists who’d be into displaying their creations on-site during the concerts. We spend the whole Saturday dressing up the back alley area with tents, stage & sound, vibrant shade sails, porta-potties, parking cones, and the bar. We open the gates at 6pm, just in time to tap a one-of-a-kind artisan cask (we brew just one for each gig), to pour alongside our main beer selection. Music kicks off at 7pm, and echoes up and down the back alley until 9pm. Then we’ll wander upstairs to the Pappa’s Firehall Bistro for some after-event drinks and 2-for-1 appies (appy special regularly runs 6 days a week at Pappa’s), while us volunteers clean up the show as quick as possible to join the fun upstairs.

This is a break-even event run by volunteers, including our brewery staff, that very often sells out and is packed to the brim with smiling faces. Sadly, our archaic liquor laws are still prohibition-era, so minors are not allowed to join the fun. Food won’t be served at the show, but we encourage you to bring in a picnic dinner (baskets and bags will be politely searched, just to keep out glass and bad beer) or order take-out from Pappa’s on the main floor. If you need somewhere to crash for the night, Centennial RV Park and Campground  is just down Fairview Road, and there are plenty of motels and B&B’s around the region.