Immerse yourself in alpaca!

Learn how to spin, skein, felt, dye, knit and more — all with luxurious, soft alpaca wool.

GNR Alpaca Boutique in Oliver announces the following workshops. Call or email for future dates. 416-526-0503 Location: 7171 Tucelnuit Drive OR your location (plus mileage) Minimum three students except where noted. All workshops include materials in the price.

3D Wet Felting Vessels ($50): 3 hours

Nuno Scarf ($60) 3 hours

Felted Scarf ($75) 3 hours

Felted Hat ($105): wet felt a one-of-a-kind felted hat 4 hours

Felted Soaps ($15): 2 felted soaps are completed in the 1 hour workshop

Yarn Dyeing ($65): alpaca or llama, 2 different bases, 2 skeins, 2 different methods of dyeing

Introduction to Spinning ($40): 1 on 1, learn preparing fibre, carding, using a Lendrum wheel, spin 2 singles and ply together to make your own skein of yarn.

Knitting class: ($60) learn to knit thrum mitts using amazing alpaca yarn

Knitting with Beads: ($25) learn to insert beads into your knitting

Blending Boards and Rolags ($40): playing with fibre to create batts and rolags for felting or spinning projects 3 hours

Felted Flowers and Beads ($25): 2-3 hours

Felted Cuffs and Bookmarks ($20): 2 hours

Felted slippers: ($95) wet felt one-of-a-kind pair of slippers

Needle Felted Animals ($30) owls, penguins, ladybugs, hedgehogs 3 hours