Hutterli’s Swiss adventures

Kurt Hutterli, one of the RipOff Artists, travelled to his native country of Switzerland last year, where he had a couple of happy surprises. Here’s what Kurt has to say:

“Here are some pictures from my reading at the Hotel Belle Epoque in Berne, Switzerland where I presented my new book project “Meine mitgebrachte Kindheit”. (It’s about my childhood memories I brought with me to Canada.) At the hotel I also “met” two Ripoff victims.

“First: Jane Avril in the company of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.”

Pictured below is Kurt at the Hotel Belle Epoque entrance, with Jane Avril kicking up her heels beside him. Reading, Hotel Belle Epoque, 2

Kurt continues with his second RipOff encounter:

“Marianne and I were invited to spend the night in the Klimt suite, surrounded by six original drawings by Klimt!” 

Below are a few more photos from Kurt’s reading at the hotel and a view of the exterior. Reading, Hotel Belle Epoque, 3

Reading, Hotel Belle Epoque, 4Reading in Berne, Switzerland, 1