Grandmothers for Africa Bridge Event February 16th

Thursday, February 16th, is the date to mark on your calendar for the annual Grandmothers for Africa BRIDGE EVENT from 10 to 2:30 at Fairview Mountain Golf Club.   Preregistration by Feb. 14th is necessary so email bridgesocialnews @ or call Leslie at 250 498 2282. For only $20 you get the entire bridge social including lunch and you also are contributing to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s work with unsung heroines, African grandmothers.

Recent global events have had women all over the world marching for social justice. The recognition that we are all connected as human beings is front and center.   That is why women in Oliver have gathered to support the empowerment of grandmothers in Africa.   The depth of love, tenacity, intelligence and hope at community level in Africa is absolutely compelling. Most African grandmothers live in under-resourced communities and face the brunt of the effect of HIV/AIDS and poverty as they bear the load of caring for families, financially, emotionally and physically.   With their strong sense of responsibility they quite literally make the impossible happen. They are the greatest hope for kids growing up orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.

Grassroots support groups, funded and encouraged by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, carry particular meaning for African grandmothers.   They are greeted with love, warmth and open arms and they find in their groups a place to share their life experiences and to learn new coping strategies.

When you come to play bridge on February 16th, you will have the opportunity to see and buy goods made by both African and Canadian grandmothers.   It is a day to come together, have fun and support other women carrying burdens greater than our own.   Don’t forget the preregistation deadline of February 14th!

Photo: Shirley Polk, President of Oliver Grandmothers for Africa and African Grandmother, Mariam Mulindwa