Friday offers sneak peek of Mountain

live-musicMedici‚ÄĚs Friday Night Live Music

Friday Night Live, a night of great live music and entertainment is BACK this Friday April 15th at 7:00PM. A truly great Canadian recording artist did drop by as promised last time…the lovely and very talented Ursula Fox ripped up the ivories while wearing my new hat…yeah. This time out you are going to be treated to a sneak peak of the amazing Nelson band Cold Mountain Air. A few of the band members are going to drop by and say ‘ja mon’. We may be able to squeeze a tune or two out of them if everything is Irie The beer is cold and the music IS of course always sooooo HOT! Marcel Morneau and our crazy talented local artists will fill the night. We have said salut to the belle Ariene for a few months but hopefully Pascale will be on hand to sing her stuff and play that mean guitar. Leann and Rod are wondering where You are. Methinks Corrie and mon ami Steph are back sooooo….? Bring your music, your instrument and your voice and become part of the night sounds. We crank up the music shortly after 7:00. The music is huge…Tons of talent…all we need is you! .
We are licensed. We have beer, wine, coffees with a kick and our usual great gelato and snacks, sweet treats and of course…our great host Marcel. Medici’s this Friday April 15t at 7:00 PM. 522 Fairview Road. 250-498-2228.

…………………..and ..and …and…Cold Mountain Air tickets are almost GONE!!…get Your ticket quick….or else!!!…20 bucks…really!