Fine fabrics take the breath away

Remarkable, breath-taking quilts are on display Friday April 11 and and Saturday April 12 at the Oliver Community Centre. Here is just a small sampling – and cannot  do justice to the colours, richness of the detail, dimensional elements, and tiny embellishments. See the bottom of the photo spread for the list of titles and fabric artists. Fontinha 1 Helgeson 1Fairbanks 1Crothers 1Chapman 1Cade 1Birnie 1Kirby 1Chapman 2




















1. Maria Fontinha: “Stars and Tulips”

2. Margaret Helgeson with her chair

3. Lorna Fairbanks: “Under the Ocean”

4. Yvonne Crothers: “Lone Sunflower”

5. Darlene Chapman: “Drawer Flotsam”

6. Marilyn Cade: “Poppies on a Picket Fence”

7. Dianne Birnie: “Bottles”

8. Kathie Kirby: “Love-Lies-Bleeding”

9. Darlene Chapman: “May”

Photo Credit: Penelope Johnson