Beauty to be found at “Finding Beauty”

The SOSS Senior Photography exhibit: “Finding Beauty: Life in a Small Town” attracted a crowd of impressed parents and shutterbugs on Thursday January 18.

SOSS art teacher Lindsey McVicar presented her class with two major photography projects during the fall semester. One, an autumn expedition, paired senior students with kindergarteners. The seniors took portraits of their small companions, and the kindergarten keeners snapped colourful landscapes, close-ups and whimsical shots. In the winter project, the high school photography class was given a mission to find ugly, decrepit, and bleak scenes around Oliver, and by using photographic techniques such as perspective and contrast, find something beautiful they could capture in their image.

The exhibit continues at the Leza Macdonald Gallery until the middle of February.

Abby Teigen is happy with this photograph she took as part of the “Finding Beauty” project

Jaxon Ede stands tall beside his joint photography project with Abby Teigen

Teigens tour the Leza Macdonald Gallery: Candice Methven, Abby Teigen, Andy Teigen, Chad Teigen, and Alesha Suboti