Fall Frenzy

GforA 1Oliver’s Grandmothers for Africa are inviting everyone to come and get a head start on Christmas shopping.  They will be holding a Fall Frenzy on Saturday, October 17th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  at Medici’s Gelateria. Last year people got their friends together, dropped by, treated themselves to a latte or some delicious gelato and had fun selecting gifts from a variety of handmade items from Africa.   Woza Moya dolls, exotic jewelry, hand crafted ‘bowl buddies’ and the ever-useful dish cloths (a personal project of our eldest member, Thelma Forty), plus other beaded work will be on hand.  All the proceeds from sales are donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to support African grandmothers raising children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.   Purchases bring you pleasure while doing good in a troubled world. Pictured: Sue James & Shirley Polk looking at some of the beaded Christmas ornaments made in Africa. 

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed as news reports bring tales of one disaster followed by another.   Desperate refugees flee the Middle East and swamp Europe.  Earthquakes create devastation in Nepal.    Often our minds jump from one event to the other as we try to do what we can to help.

In Africa, the grandmothers steadfastly continue to raise orphaned grandkids whether the news focuses on them or not.  Raising children takes time and ongoing care.   Canadian grandmothers recognize this.  We know hope for healing a new generation of African kids able to care and relate to others despite the terrible trauma of their early years is absolutely vital.  Security, love, food and education are all part of the grassroots Stephen Lewis projects we support.

Please join us at the Fall Frenzy and be part of the solution while having a good bit of fun.  Over 200 unique items are on sale.   This year Tagua Eco Friendly jewelry from Equador will be showcased.   We look forward to meeting you!  Those interested in also joining the local group will be warmly welcomed.Fall frenzy 2