Communities in Bloom ready to Rock … Garden, that is!

Rock gardens, xeriscaping, community “greening”, window dressing, and public works projects  are all on the “To Do” list. This spring and summer will see Oliver and the RDOS putting its best foot — errr, gardening glove — forward, competing provincially in the second year of a two-year beautification project. 

Arts council partner Communities in Bloom has just announced their 2011 schedule of events.  The Communities in Bloom (CiB) committee is preparing for their final year of a two-year provincial competition to beautify the town and district. 

The first year of competition (2010) was a “dry run” as Oliver and its citizens began several landscaping, painting, and public works projects. For its efforts, Oliver was awarded four blooms out of five at the BC Communities in Bloom Awards ceremony in September 2010 in Surrey BC.  This was a tremendous accolade for a trial year.  The CiB committee also received a Judges Evaluation Report, to assist them in planning improvements for Year 2. The CiB committee hopes for a fifth bloom and other special awards at the awards ceremony in September 2011.

This second year will see remaining projects completed and smaller projects added to the “To Do” list. Homeowners will be encouraged to participate by beautifying their own  property in time for provincial judging in July.

Here’s the CiB Calendar for 2011, More details to follow:

February 19:   Communities in Bloom at the “Mainly for Women” Trade Show (W.O.W. Society), 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.,  Oliver Community Centre.

March 26:    Xeriscaping Workshop (time and place TBA)

April 18 – 21:  “Mission Possible” Act Green Community Events (with support from Oliver Parks and Recreation)

May 14:  Bloomin’ Yard and Garden Sale  (time and place TBA)

April -May:  “Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest” entries begin (with support from Oliver Community Arts Council)

May 31:  Bloomin’ Garden Contest entry deadline  (with support from Oliver Community Arts Council)

June 1 – 30:  Judging of Bloomin’ Garden Contest (with support from Oliver Heirloom Garden Club and Oliver Community Arts Council)

July 19:  BC Communities in Bloom Judges’ Reception

July 20:  BC Communities in Bloom Judges’ Tour

July 21:   BC Communities in Bloom Judges’ Luncheon

September TBA:  BC Communities in Bloom Awards Conference (date TBA)

Want to see more businesses and homeowners participate during this exciting year? You can be a “cheerleader” for this worthy beautification project. HOW?

 The arts council  is looking for a couple of volunteers to add to their “Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest” committee.  From now until May, this group encourages property owners from the industrial, commercial, and private sectors to enter the Best Bloomin’ Garden competition. It’s a fun way to help people to beautify their property, with prizes and public recognition offered as incentives.  In June, the committee assists the Oliver Heirloom Garden Club (who does the actual judging of competitors) and awards the winners in July. Each “Best Bloomin’ Garden” committee member will spend a total of 15 – 20 hours on the project from now until completion. Contact to volunteer your time.  

Want to enter the Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest? Contact for details.