Catch the energy of Windborn

Medici's ShowTuesday Jan 21st, Medici’s opens the 2014 concert year with what will prove to be an incredible performance and clearly the premier event of the new year. The music of Windborn is unique and captivating. We only had a Tuesday night in January available if we wanted this band: and we definitely want his band.

You really have to catch the energy of a live Windborn performance. Whether it’s a mellow house concert, a pub or a funky bistro down the street, the energy and strength of the music is undeniable. Jeff Pike’s guitar playing lays the foundation of every song and is truly unique. He plays rhythm and lead lines at the same time with some of the biggest and most percussive riffs you’ll ever hear on the guitar. He lays complex beats with a kick drum while cutting through with powerful vocals. Nils Loewen adds basslines, melodies, harmonies and percussion to the mix with his own unique style on the cello.

They’ve played almost everywhere there is to play in western Canada. They’ve opened for some big names in Canadian music. Jeff and Nils know how to put on a show that can suit any type of venue! They know what they’re doing and they’re doing it very very well.

Samantha Scott has a rare and intuitive artistic intelligence seldom heard these days. Her natural ability and simple yet powerful style are unmatched. Always a crowd favourite. Samantha exudes a smoky, sexy, fun, and engaging presence. Whether playing solo or with Windborn, she has a full and original folky sound that turns heads and draws a crowd to the stage. A raw, pure, and rising star.

Windborn performs Tuesday January 21st at Medici’s, 522 Fairview Road in Oliver. 250-498-2228. Get your ticket now and reserve your seat. Doors open 6:30 and Windborn opens at 7:30.