Capital projects recommended for Quail’s Nest

Quail's Nest2On Wednesday January 8, a small sub-committee of the board met to tour the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, assess necessary repairs, maintenance, and development, and prioritize the proposed capital projects.  Those five members included Jack Bennest (facilitator), Marion Trimble, Brian Mapplebeck, Jennifer Mapplebeck, and Penelope Johnson.

The committee ranked projects based on the following criteria:

(a) safety and security (i.e. immediate liability issues)

(b) property repair and maintenance (to prevent future liability issues)

(c) beautification projects

Expense and size of the project also affected ranking to a lesser degree.


The committee recommended the following capital projects to the Board, which were then approved. The projects will be completed as finances and personnel permit, in order of priority:

1. electrical safety assessment of the Studio Building by a qualified electrician, specifically addressing the safety and adequacy of breakers for kitchen appliances

2. assess the function of the two floor drains in the Studio Building, together with the outlet on north side, and installing more appropriate flooring to eliminate safety issues

3. re-paint safety lane strips from the rear exit door in Studio Building through both exits into the main bays, in accordance with fire codes.

4. apply insulated molding around the rear exit door in Studio Building to prevent heat loss.

5. check and repair exterior lighting on Studio Building (motion +/or photosensitive lighting)

6. replace fascia on Big Blue Building (metal preferred) and cover bird holes

7. paint small kitchen floor and ramp handrails

8. install built-in coat rack and storage shelving beside washroom

9. paint Big Blue Building bay doors with white top coat

10. cap irrigation control boxes at east and west ends

11. landscape front (east) strip of property, including stump and pipe removal, and install low-maintenance xeriscaping

The following projects were also recommended but deemed of lesser importance, and not ranked:

* address storage issues, such as removal of items from above handicapped washroom, moving grids easels and sandwich boards to new storage unit.

* remove container bed north of office, and install bench

* remove A/C wall unit

* install shelving in office as required

* mount new OCAC sign on Studio Building (suggested – along roof line)

* paint unifying decorative art to bay doors on Studio and Big Blue buildings (e.g. quail)

* install concrete patio, parking lot retaining wall, and steps along south side of Big Blue

* install featured artwork at entrance to parking lot

Projects will be completed as much as possible by contracted tradespeople, rather than by volunteer labour. Projects costing over $1000 will be submitted to a blind bid process.

Interested in overseeing one of these projects? No physical labour required! Requires soliciting one or more bids, seeking approval for solicited quote from the board, and liaising with contracted tradesperson until the job is completed. Contact OliverCAC @ if you would like to watch other people do the hard work!