Can you say “jazz hands”?

Grandmothers Jazz Night 7

The Quail’s Nest was swinging last night, June 11, when eighteen amazing jazz musicians from the Thursday Night Jazz Band filled the air with toe tapping, body swaying music.

Grandmothers Jazz Night 5The audience, camped out on chairs they carried to the venue, spilled out the big doors into the warmth of a perfect Spring night.  It was a mellow mood.   Walls were hung with African fabrics.  Tables with a variety of African and local handicrafts and even homemade cookies were manned by Oliver Grandmothers for Africa wearing their distinctive lemon yellow shirts with the black logo of mother and child plastered on the front.  It was a time for fun but for a serious cause.

Grandmothers Jazz Night 2

Before the night was out over a thousand dollars was raised to support Grandmothers in Africa.   They are the strong, capable agents of change at the grassroots the Stephen Lewis Foundation champions.

Grandmothers Jazz Night“We are standing hand in hand.  We are marching step by step.  We are singing heart to heart.  We are grandmother sisters.”   So be it.

Photo Credit: Leza Macdonald